Hi, I'm Gwen, Mexico City based technical writer, web engineer & dirt tiller. I write, work on the command line and water plants daily.

Web stack: arch, io.js, git and sheer will. Dirt stack: bare hands, spoon.

Current | Ahorita

18 April 2015 | Spent today studying Español, tilling la tierra -- the calabazas they grow!, getting Pandoc to render markdown (Framework got an update) and getting the photos page how I want it. Mañana.

17 April 2015 | Nuevo artículo (en inglés) dentro de poco.

16 April 2015 | Sometimes the water goes out in the apartment. Making me realize it's great water is available most of the time. Sort of how Thay talks about how you don't appreciate not having a toothache until you have a toothache.

15 April 2015 | That moment when you realize you have to do a % git stash on days of work.

14 April 2015 | No such thing as too much butter. Now. Who taught me that?

14 April 2015 | Cleaned the aquarium, no small task, right in time for what looks to be (fingers crossed) a gigante storm. Agua de lluvia, ándale pronto.

14 April 2015 | I could be wilder still. Florence & the Machine showed so.

14 April 2015 | Performing site updates and reformatting writing from April 2011 from --> Scrivener? AbiWord?! iChats?!!??! (note to my past self: the latter is the worst of the three in terms of proprietary garbage tacked on to your writing and conversations) --> into markdown. It was Spring in New York City and I was happy and sad and alive.

13 April 2015 | Inspired by a guy named Jake, updated belongings with a scrot and note about my not having been born in the 30s. Duh.

13 April 2015 | Redis multi-hour database study session. Followed by an hour yoga session. I should probably invert that ratio for best results.

12 April 2015 | Just overheard Mi Razón de Ser and actually understood what he's saying for the first time. Two years almost in Mexico to get one song. Made me cry. Even though, yes, cheesy.

12 April 2015 | Thinking on things. New piece: Muted.

12 April 2015 | Site edits and new writing in the sunshine. Con café, por supuesto.

11 April 2015 | Am I the only one who ever does a make serve and then attempts to navigate to locohost:8000? Just me? Ok. /me laughs

11 April 2015 | Yes, I can braid my own hair. And Gimp my own photo. Now, what I can't yet do is: brew my own beer. That'd be chido.

11 April 2015 | "There is, with any great artist, a little manic-ness and insanity. Tropic of Cancer is one of my favorite books. And [author] Henry Miller had this work ethic, where he would get out of bed every day and force himself to write five pages. It taught me that if you do the work, you progress. So many people are content to settle." Frances Bean Cobain interviewed for Rolling Stone