Gwen Bell | 2015.01.30

Sometimes I get readers emailing me their writing one bit at a time, thinking I must make a great first reader for their manuscripts. I get that. I've read thousands of your words over the past month alone for the January project, REGEN15. I don't repeat back to the public web what I'm reading, so you don't know the beauty expressed. The challenges met. The growth happening. You don't see the work I've seen. Fine. But what you need to know is this. If you're going to go it on your own I think you could do better than to email your manuscript to me over the course of multiple messages.

You're better off with three writing tools I've written about again and again. Those are:

And yes, if you want to work with me on your writing in the future, you sure can. There will be other offerings in 2015 (let me know if you want to hear about them) but for now? We regenerate. For two more days, REGEN15. And, incidentally, if you haven't paid for one of my products that have writing reviews built in, I don't give your message a close read. I spend my energy on serving those who support this work: clients.

I'm an expat tech writer, meddletater and computer programmer based in Mexico City. I work with clients on the command line. More about.