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Hi, I'm Gwendolyn Bell. I go by gb/Gwen/g, gwenbell on irc. I build this site with Node.js on Arch Linux local/remote. It's a hand-tweaked Metalsmith instance. I've coded up, but don't currently publish with a static site generator built with Deno.

As of June 2019 I live walking distance to Chicago O'Hare.

I've lived in IL since the end of 2017.


You can talk to me on bogbook (a hand-rolled cryptographically-secure open-source social site; I can confirm that the public key @WVBPY53Bl4aUIngt2TXV8nW+IGKvCTqhv88EvktOX9s= going by 'g' is me) or via email which, as everyone knows, is not a secure way to communicate. But this is America.

Tech Competencies

  • Linux, Arch
  • Git
  • Node.js

Press Archive

Volunteer Activities

  • Nautical Donations at Crowley's Shipyard volunteer
  • End Malaria contributing author

Formal Education


  • Spanish
  • Japanese

Teaching Experience