Hi, I'm Gwendolyn Bell. As of July 2017 and following a series of events in May 2017 I live in a hotel in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I work as a server in a restaurant. When not working I write, do yoga and code.

I'm car-free, mortgage-free, algo-free, etc.

As for current projects, I'm a member of the Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium and have been working on Decent since 2016. I run this site with Node.js on Arch Linux local and remote on a hand-tweaked Metalsmith instance.


  • 4+ years - Linux, Arch
  • 4+ years - Version control with Git
  • 4+ years - Node.js
  • 3+ years - Server work (systemd)
  • 3+ years - CJDNS
  • 4+ years - Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies
  • 9 years - Modern templating languages | Current site is Node.js, Metalsmith -- formerly, Hakyll; before that, home-made Bitters (Node)




  • Earned 4 year university degree in English Lit at UNC
  • Spent 1 year abroad at UEA -- lived for a year in one of the ziggurats, Norfolk Terrace
  • Self and volunteer-taught: Spanish & Japanese languages
  • Other: 200 hour yoga teacher certification, started first business in Japan -- yoga studio, featured in Yogini Magazine

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