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Hi, I'm Gwen Bell. Right now I live in North Carolina, America.

I'm a member of the Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium and care about decentralized, secure alternatives to mainstream technologies that are part of our daily lives.

  • 4 Years - Linux | Can install Arch Linux on your box in give or take an hour
  • 4 Years - Version control with Git
  • 4 Years - Node.js
  • 3 Years - Server work (systemd)
  • 3 Years - CJDNS
  • 4 Years - Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies
  • 9 Years - HTML, CSS
  • 2 Years - Markdown & Hyperscript

I build the current iteration of this site with Node.js, Metalsmith. I'm working on an open source publishing platform I call Plank. Formerly, I built with Haskell/Hakyll; before that, home-made Bitters(Node.js). Prior, Wordpress & Squarespace.




  • 4 Year university degree earned at UNC
  • 1 Year university abroad spent at UEA -- lived for a year in one of the ziggurats, Norfolk Terrace -- can't say I'd recommend that
  • Self-taught: Spanish & Japanese languages
  • Other: yoga teacher certification, started first business in Japan -- yoga studio, featured in Yogini Magazine

Teaching Experience

I'm calling 2017 Year of the Engineer. I invite you to listen in, contribute on sbot or start your own engineering year projects. Let me know if you do.