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Hi, I'm Gwen Bell. Right now I live in Mexico City, Mexico.

I'm a member of the Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium and care about decentralized, secure alternatives to mainstream technologies that are part of our daily lives.

  • 4 Years - Linux | Can install Arch Linux on your box in give or take an hour
  • 4 Years - Version control with Git
  • 4 Years - Node.js
  • 3 Years - Server work (systemd)
  • 3 Years - CJDNS
  • 4 Years - Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies
  • 9 Years - HTML, CSS
  • 2 Years - Markdown & Hyperscript

I build the current iteration of this site with Node.js, Metalsmith. I'm working on an open source publishing platform I call Plank. Formerly, I built with Haskell/Hakyll; before that, home-made Bitters(Node.js). Prior, Wordpress & Squarespace.




  • 4 Year university degree earned at UNC
  • 1 Year university abroad spent at UEA -- lived for a year in one of the ziggurats, Norfolk Terrace -- can't say I'd recommend that
  • Self-taught: Spanish & Japanese languages
  • Other: yoga teacher certification, started first business in Japan -- yoga studio, featured in Yogini Magazine

Teaching Experience

I'm calling 2017 Year of the Engineer. I invite you to listen in, contribute on sbot or start your own engineering year projects. Let me know if you do.

Gwen Bell builds this site with Node.js on Arch Linux · send gwen a message · 2017