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An Actual Hour

January 8th 2017

This is a piece about practicing yoga for an actual hour daily. Here's what I mean by actual hour.

There are for sure times I thought I was going onto the mat to practice for an hour and something distracted me. There's nothing screaming for my attention. But sometimes I thought I was going in for an hour and I didn't make it through the full hour.

Now, I do an actual hour. Every day. An actual hour on the mat, sweating and breathing and doing the practice. Before I touch a computer, before I look at a line of code.

So that's what I'm calling an actual hour in my engineering logs. If something must be attended to, I attend to it and then get back on the mat, deducting the minutes I spent off the mat. And adding that amount of time to the clock.

Recent practice is devoted to handstand, which is fun, exhilirating and requires prep for the wrists. Note I'm saying handstand, which is all the weight in the hands, not headstand which puts some of it in the neck. The longer I spend inverted in handstand, the stronger the result.

An actual hour on the mat. Worse ways to start a day.

#actualhour ← you in?

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