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The Atlantic Publishes About Scuttlebutt

May 24th 2017

[Dominic Tarr] built something called Secure Scuttlebutt, or SSB. It’s a decentralized system for sending messages to a specific community, rather than the global internet. It works by word of mouth. Instead of posting to an online service like Facebook or Twitter, Scuttlebutt applications hold onto their data locally. When a user runs into a friend, the system automatically synchronizes its stored updates with them via local-network transfer—or even by USB stick. Then the friend does likewise, and word spreads, slowly and deliberately. Source

The Atlantic published a piece on secure scuttlebutt. Secure scuttlebutt powers Decent. Which if you've been reading my writing on this stuff for more than a year, you already know. At least you've read my interview with Dominic by now, right? The piece is a good, thorough read. Job well done, Ian Bogost. Thank you for your contribution to the project.

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