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Death & Tech

Wordcount: 23,533



  1. dedication
  2. washi vision
  3. 3 minutes
  4. circulation
  5. facebook & trust experiments
  6. made of something weird
  7. google
  8. in advance
  9. mom
  10. resources
  11. bowie
  12. cousin
  13. digital death
  14. fights
  15. hecho en china
  16. bravery
  17. dalai
  18. the word 'friend'
  19. steve jobs
  20. leonard cohen visit
  21. past self
  22. twitter
  23. castro
  24. ev
  25. fugeeulogy
  26. luk
  27. purple
  28. for ideas
  29. discuss death - a guide

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Gwen Bell
Mexico City
December 2016