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This piece originally published on the decent network (using a separate key from the main sbot network). On June 23rd 2017 decent merged with the main network. This piece was on the original decent network so I popped in and brought it here for archival purposes.

4 months ago -- January 26, 2017

Decent launched last night, all quiet and low-key. The Decent nutgraf: I haven't repped for companies not my own in years, and I'm asking you why rep for companies not your own when you can rep for yourself?

Decent asks and answers that question.

Reasons for its existence.
  1. I go to people's sites sometimes. Maybe yours, who knows. I see these sidebar thingies with all kinds of tiny icons in them. A blue one for the fading Facebook. A light blue one for the sad Twitters. A green one with an elephant in it for Evernotes. The sidebar thingies haven't changed much in the past decade. And by past decade I mean since 2007. smh What's exciting is that whole sidebar of thingies can be deleted from your site now. There's something that rolls all those into one, and does them decentralized. If you've been reading for years, you know Git by now, so

    ``` % git rm


  1. What do I mean by decent? Well, I suggested to Everett that it might be time for a vacation. So, the two of us are on vacay until January 30th. I know, I'm doing too much work for it to be vacation. But guess what? My feet are up right now, so that means it's vacation. I suggested a vacation for a number of reasons, chief among them it didn't seem as though he was into what he was working on. I wasn't into how not into it he was.

  2. Within three hours of him being on vacation the truth appeared: he wanted to deploy his own secure scuttlebutt network, which has by turns been referred to as Patchbay, Patchwork, Bay, more recently MinBay and Scuttlepub. What if we call it Decent, I said to him. Decent seemed good, so within 24 hours it was live. Right now Everett's working on getting the gossip replication algorithm sorted because it's asking for peers, finding them and then asking for them again even though it already found them. There are for sure still kinks to work out, but it's decent. Hence the name.

  3. I want to say something else while I'm talking about what I see as people repping for networks other than your own. There's something called reverse social proof I'm seeing a lot in 2017. Let's say a message you posted to someone else's servers at one time got 100+ :thumbsup: and now it only gets two. I'm not saying you should stop what you're doing and re-evaluate (although, you might). But if what you think of as 'social proof' as in, number of views being reported on the 'tubes or 'grams -- if that number has dropped off a proverbial cliff , you're not the only one noticing. #justsayin'

  4. A few people hopped on Decent last night, which is cool. :wave: The focus is business and getting our businesses where we want them to be. If that's your kind of thing, you are welcome to pop in.

The only thing asked of you is that you be decent.

This is a non-requirement, obviously, but you can now feel free to delete all those little icons in your sidebar. You can be as social as you want on Decent -- it's decentralized and that log you're committing to? It's yours. Nobody owns it but you. And me, and anyone else replicating the log. Which, yeah, decent. A relief, too, isn't it?

If you leave a comment here it'll show up on If you're reading this on and want to comment, you have to be on Decent to do so.

Updated 2017-06-23 after merging decent with the main sbot network.

June 23rd 2017

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