Fridge Update

October 20th 2019

Yesterday I wrote about a live show and in the piece I mentioned the fridge.

Here's what I said:

I should be cleaning instead but I'm for lack of a better word derezzing the fridge. Because I am either going to repair it myself or have to call the landlord and I'd prefer to do this the DIY route if I can.

Here's the update. 48 hours unplugged (derezzing does not apply to fridges, but you get the idea if you've watched tron a few dozen times) and after letting it cool off and reading the expletive manual I learned some things. First, I learned not to touch any of the internal bits unless I was a professional with professional tools for the job. Considering I don't have said tools, I started by cleaning the fridge with anything that could go off pushed up into the freezer.

How Stuff Works has a very friendly to my mind anyway how to on this.

Anyway, I read somewhere that it could be a number of things so I did some troubleshooting. I looked at the door seals. All looked good. I looked at the ventilation ducts between the fridge and freezer. They seemed okay, but a little early to tell. (It turned out that that was the problem. More on that in a minute.)

I cleaned out the pan in the back and noticed that there's some condensation hitting the floor and intend to tell the landlord next time we meet. I swept and realized just how gunky it gets behind the fridge. I pulled out anything that would come out and cleaned it. I emptied out the baking soda since it appeared spent.

Once I plugged it back in again this morning I double checked that the light was going out in a timely fashion (apparently if the light doesn't go out it may mean that the sensor is not aware that the door is closed so it might keep on pumping out cool air...right into the room instead of into the fridge.)

I learned how condensor coils are responible for the energy moving between the freezer and fridge. They are not separate entities (fridge/freezer), even though it may seem that way. Anyway, I spent a good six to eight hours learning about fridges yesterday. I told Everett yesterday that all is good so far and I do not intend to do anything fancy since the coils can hold a charge that can be lethal. He thought that was a good idea that I not touch anything that might lead to my untimely death.

So...I sat and thought and cleaned. And Everett, after I tell him about the filters between the fridge and freezer goes: I bet that's what's going on. Then he sticks a finger into the fridge-to-freezer filter, moves a chunk of ice around and goes: yup. That's what was going on.

This morning, with the fridge much cleaner and plugged back in it's humming along and it's the temperature one would want (when set on 3/5) rather than lukewarm (even when sitting at 5, it wasn't getting cold because of the lump of ice...from the freezer...stuck in the filter between freezer and fridge...throwing the sensors off).

All that to say, no need to call the repairman. Engineering wins again.

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