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Distributed Git

October 4th 2016

gb Hey @cel (pictured above, middle -- with @myf and @ev) -- I'm starting out by reviewing the code for git-ssb. You made your first commit to the repo in February 2016. What brought you to secure scuttlebutt to begin with? What was the impetus for creating git-ssb? Oh, and before we go to deep into the code, can you tell readers how we met in the first place?

cel I had a dream a day ago that you were making spaces, places where people could go. Maybe these interviews are like places...

how we met

We met in person in NYC, April 2016, at a coffee shop in NYC with @ev and @myf, where we had decided to have a meetup since we were all in the city. I had been staying at my parents' house a few hours east on Long Island, but was planning to come through the city the next day to leave for my visit to Acorn Community. I think @ev proposed we meet up, and I proposed the time and place, after asking my dad (who knows the city well) what a good place would be. So we had all been interacting on SSB before then. However, I knew of your writings and work online since before SSB. It might have been on, the social network site on cjdns/Hyperboria, where I first encountered your identity. I read your website and joined your email list in 2013, and was one of the members of your audience. I was inspired by your writings to get the backpack you recommended and read Voluntary Simplicity. I remember when you invited people on the list to message you to say hello, but I didn't do it.

gb What brought you to secure scuttlebutt to begin with?

cel A good question, which reminds me of how @mix a while ago invited me and others to introduce ourselves. If I had done that, I would refer to it here. It is sometimes ha