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5 Elements of Legit Reach

November 18th 2016

'Real' -legit as defined by urban dictionary

There are at least five elements to reaching/being reached out to in what I perceive to be a legit way.

  1. I reach out to people I thought about as I walked around Mexico City. I sometimes walk upwards of six hours during a day. That's a lot of hours to think about and process things. On occasion I let people know I thought about them during a walk. Often, when I reach out to a person I let them know I don't expect a return message. In my opinion, legit is letting message recipients off the hook.

  2. When I dream of someone I sometimes reach out to them. It depends on the person and the circumstances in the dream. If I've dreamt of you, it must mean I'm processing something about our interaction as I sleep. That's a legit reason and way to reach out to someone. Anytime I'm going to share the contents of the dream, I first ask permission.

  3. I sent a letter to New York City via Mexico City in October 2016. I sent it knowing it could get tossed in the trash at any juncture. It didn't get tossed in the trash. The person traveling to Manhattan from Mexico took the letter to Manhattan. The same person then went from Manhattan to Brooklyn and handed off the message to a person who lives in Brooklyn. Then, the person based in Brooklyn tried a few times to deliver the message (via bicycle) and finally succeeded. When he succeeded he took a photo of the recipient holding the letter. The message made it! It only took about 2.5 weeks to get to its intended recipient. Legit.

  4. One more thing: nutgraf. When I reach out to someone, I nutgraf. I work to keep the message concise and focused on one subject. It's a small, but I think important, element of legit communication.

  5. If you're on distributed social and want to talk about the most legit way you've heard from someone, you can @ message gb. I consider distributed and secure social to be about as legit as digital communication can be.

While a hand-written & hand-delivered letter is one of the most legit ways to reach someone, that requires a metric ton of trust, time and care. Perhaps the most legit way to reach out is to be legit yourself. That way the recipient knows they're talking with legit.

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