November 25th 2013

You are your word.

Do you want that word to be 'like'?

Updated 6 December to add piece from 14 December 2010

Why I disabled my FB acct (14 December 2010) today:

Same reason I disabled LinkedIn - too static I don't know what algorithms are feeding me what - no sense of choice. Why I held on? "The kids are doing it." Why I'm quitting (& arguments why I shouldn't) You're a SM expert! No, I'm a social web strategist & don't see how FB fits into a strategy for me. FB as a lowest common denom - it wasn't ever intended for advertisers! Watch The Social Network. Even if effective, it changes overnight. They could change policy.

What does "Like Wealth" even mean? Can you cash it in at the end of the day?

Published 25 November 2013

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