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Get Mobile. Here's How

June 12th 2007

Most of you know I'm now living a mobile lifestyle. (I prefer this terminology to "vagrant" or Capshaw's more euphemistic "nomad.") The plan is emerging, but I know for sure that I don't want to pay another deposit (yesterday's sticker shocker? $975 for a one-room in downtown Boulder) for a house that hasn't gotten a deep clean since the '40s, a landlord that neglects to check her fire extinguishers and looks like it might go up in flames any minute. Yesterday, a tenant that's moving out showed me the fireplace and said, "it really works!" Oh, goody!

So, it's either tent-living (nylon condo), overseas travel or house-sitting for me, for now...which brings me to... The latest from Plunge Artist, a one-page PDF checklist for anyone looking to break their lease to live on the streets, in their car, or in the skies while still being able to work. Click here to download and educate yourself. Because, if you're totally honest, you're sick of making your landlord rich. Get mobile and get rich.*

*This statement not yet proven, tested nor certified. Use at your own risk.

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