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2016: Mexico City

November 1st 2016

Here are some photos I took in October 2016 in la ciudad de México, Mexico City.

First up! A homemade calabaza taco. Tortilla, queso de oaxaca, flash cooked zucchini and salsa.

Mexico City's street food is incredible in my opinion. This is a meal made by a street vender -- a chorizo tlacoya. Probably in Roma, but I can't remember the exact location. If you smell good street food, might be a good idea to go ahead and buy and eat it, since they might not be there mañana.

Street art is a whole 'nother level in the city.

I took this shot at an event in a museum I attended this month.

A pattern on the street.

And one of a street I found pretty:

Sunsets were all kinds of spectacular this October. This is one before the storm.

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