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Mexico to Texas

February 25th 2017

There was a lizard at the door a few hours before the Mexico trip ended. Everett shouted, 'gb! There's a lizard at the door!' And I thought maybe it's a gecko, grabbed the camera and went to the door. Nope, it was a lizard, not a gecko. Look at its feet for proof!

View of the bus station in Mexico City.

Playing chess at the bus station before leaving Mexico. Took Transportes del Norte from Mexico City to Texas; took around 20 hours (see photo below for why it took 20 instead of 16).

4 hour layover in Mexico, someone lost a load of pallets so both lanes were stopped for about 4 hours. Good views, right?

Windmills on the way to Texas from Mexico. Everett took the photo while I slept.

Arriving in Texas. First stop? Rudys for beef brisket. Lord yes. -- February 25, 2017.

Everett, leaning against his dad's truck, post-Rudy's. Happiness. Good to be home.

Back at Tim and Laura's place after a long night and day of travel and long day in Laredo.

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