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California, One Week In

August 17th 2017

Bullitt reports sbot errors on a raspberrypi/raspbian

I'm sitting with fellow technologists listening to a recording of Radiohead doing a live performance of Rainbows. I'm sharing space with a group of people that work on computers almost every day. We eat a lot of pizza. In fact, I have to find out the name of the pizza place (found out! Pizza Nation -- thanks @noffle!) that the last batch came from so I can be the one to provide pizza at the next meeting. When not eating pizza I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. The peaches are perfect here, sweet and without a hint of the edge they have in other locales.

Things that are on the minds of the people that work on this stuff, of which I am one of many:

I'm grateful and humbled to be doing this work. Errors & all.

Update 2017.08.19

I'm in San Francisco. Sitting on a hardwood floor, did laundry earlier today. Before that did yoga. It's a little more than a week since I landed at SFO. One thing that's surprising me: it's quiet here. I mean, really quiet. The walk to the cafe this morning after yoga (to get a cup of 4 Barrel espresso)...quiet. The walks near the water, quiet. The city is quiet. It's also clean. The only sound I hear right now is the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. It sounds as though I'm pounding the keys even though I'm just pushing them down in rapid succession.

Next on the agenda: read a book.

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