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A Piece on Plank

January 14th 2017

I've been working on a thing. I'm calling it Plank. As in the thing you do to build upper body strength in yoga. Which, if you're me, you've done for an actual hour each day this year so far. I'm not counting last year in my numbers.

Also Plank, the thing you do if the pirate tells you to do it.

Not that anyone is ever in the latter situation.

I'm building Plank in Hyperscript. I'm releasing it today though it's far from done. You can look at the code.

Now, the wild thing is I had weird dreams last night. Ate a bunch of grilled garlic, then went to bed. By bunch I mean an entire clove and a half, split between two people. Shit was real. I dreamt about a lot of things. Technologies, economics, politics. Weird dreams. Probably at least a little bit influenced by the garlic, the hyperscripting and the epic levels of pollution in Mexico City right now. I'm talking double neti each day. Because the smog is out of control here. And it's the 14th of the month, so it all can't be blamed on 'vacation' right.

Plank is meant to be simple. I wrote it in Dominic's Hyperscript. It pulls in (by hand) whatever posts you want pulled in from sbot. Which I've also been working on. Scuttlepub now has a walk-through -- I concepted, Ev built, I pair programmed.

Ok, Plank. It uses ssb-viewer to display the sbot post you want displayed.

Social web interactions displayed on your own site?

That's what I aim to build with Plank. If you're on sbot, you can take a look at the code.

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