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Writing Sabbatical Over

August 13th 2017

Happy news. My writing sabbatical is over. On the flight to San Francisco from North Carolina I pulled a little white notecard out of my stash and took some notes. Here's what I wrote (caps preserved)

Back of the card I wrote THE WHITCOMB 1231 MARKET which was reco'd by Mallory. Who was amazing the last few nights in the ville (and my offer to host her once I have a place I can host her is a standing invite). Everett kind of freaked the last day. I thought for a few hours he was going to double back on the plan. He didn't double back but as we taxi'd out of the regional Fayetteville airport he seemed actually sad to be leaving. You'll have to ask him if that's true for him -- he's @ev on sbot.

I'm standing in a cafe, listening to Belle & Sebastian, drinking an Americano, making site edits. Over the past 72 hours loads of good has happened. The biggest good? It's a tie between arriving in San Francisco to wonderful, open-hearted hard working people having left a crew of generous sprited, hard working people in the Ville, the haven element of arriving here and knowing at every level: I belong here. It's freeing. The sabbatical is over, good. Because I have a lot to write about.

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