On staying

July 27th 2019

Those of you who've been following along for years, you know my urge is to leave. Pack it up. Go learn something new. Go do something new. Go to a place I've never been and either learn a new language or refine a language I already speak. Go teach. Go take photos. Go train on new technologies.

Blame my Army life upbringing. Blame my mom for having me out of wedlock before it was cool to do so. Blame it on my father for not telling my grandmother to get lost when she showed up with a cop at the door of the apartment he shared with my mom. That was before she checked herself in to a home for unwed mothers. Blame it on the power of travel to challenge and empower and stretch and grow a person. Blame it on whatever you want. I love to travel. I think I'm at my best when I'm going somewhere, seeing something new, trying new things.

Everett is saying now: stay. Resist the urge to leave. Do not, to use the word he used one time in a book title, Untether to Evolve, untether. Hold. Something will break somewhere in the world he keeps saying.

I'm watching the news being reported out of Hong Kong. It looks as though it's breaking there. I've been through Hong Kong just once, en route to Singapore, a place Ev really thought was the future and it turned out it wasn't.

I'm also aware that Puerto Rico appears to be breaking, what with the person they refered to as presidente being ousted due to some things he allegedly wrote in short messages to someone. I did not read the messages he is alleged to have written, but now he's out. So, another break.

I read a title yesterday that said Chicago national guardsfolk are being called up to go to Afghanistan -- 400 of them. So, another break?

I am not sure what I'd do once I got to wherever it is I'd go. I have an open offer for Portugal, where they have just gone through another massive forest fire. And also, there's a new prime minister in the UK, an American born man with UK citizenship. I read somewhere that he gave up his US passport.

The other reason to stay is this: I enjoy Rosemont. Even when it's sub-zero, I enjoy being here. It's quiet. There are swans in the lake out front. I am almost never invited to go anywhere or do anything with anyone, but who cares. In other parts of the world I'd get asked to do things all the time. The Midwest is just...more closed doors than anything. Insider baseball and all that.

As a reader, I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Should I stay? I've been here in Rosemont almost two years and feel that I have to move to grow. I have to do something new to grow. I have to travel, see the world, speak languages other than English, to grow. And I acknowledge that migration crises all over the world right now means travelers not migrating for safety reasons look...well...self-involved.

So, I'll stay. And be challenged by:

  • the code
  • work politics
  • the yoga practice

And when I do leave, where to? And what to do when I get there to earn enough to survive?

I'm open to your ideas.

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