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Open Tabs, Upside Down & Inside Out

February 3rd 2017

These are the tabs open right now in my browser (Opera, fwiw).

Open Tabs

  • Decent which is served at http://localhost:3001/
  • PostCSS a tool for transforming CSS with JavaScript
  • Vue a progressive framework for building user interfaces
  • Nim a statically typed, imperative programming language that tries to give the programmer ultimate power without compromises on runtime efficiency
  • Gwen Bell is year of the engineer at

Those tabs capture what I'm working on.

Here's where the upside down part of the title comes from:

Upside Down

That is my current handstand in a doorframe in the apartment in which I live.

Inside Out

I was walking around in the black tights I wear all the time and they started bothering me. I mean, they started to make my legs itch on my thighs and calves. As though they were deteriorating from too much use. So, I turned them inside out. Voila! They don't itch anymore. I could probably stand a new pair, but I don't know of any vendors in Mexico City that accept Bitcoin yet. One day, maybe. In the meantime, open tabs, upside down daily yoga and inside out tights.

Oh, and! Ev and I gave notice on 1 Feb. So, in March the two of us -- pictured above, photo taken earlier today -- are free to go wherever in the US. Our current roomie wrote a very nice PDF'd letter of recommendation. He said we're the best roommates he's ever had.

Need some new roomies starting in March, holler. I'm on Decent (which is what powers the comments on this website).

How's Mexico City ➡

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