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January 23rd 2017

I looked at Everett today and said: you wanna take a vacation?

And he was all, 'uhhhhh....vacation?'

And I said, 'you know, that thing where you take some time off what you're doing and don't do much of anything?'

He said he doesn't think he knows how. And I said well what about that one time when you went camping with homegirl? And he mumbled something about oh yeah, camping. Right.

So, neither of us is all that good at camping. Truth. The both of us is really good at working. Truth. But there have been things stuck in both our craws about the work both of us have been doing, and I figured what difference would it make to the world (of the distributed web) if the two of us took a short break -- not a month, not a digital sabbatical, just a vacay for real.

He was into the idea. He said yes. The two of us are on vacation (and, if this piece is any indicator, that is a wide definition indeed) from now until the 30th of January.

Here's why this is great. I have a backlog to process. It's the year of the engineer. I sense the end of my time in Mexico City is near. There's some sadness about that, and also relief. The daily smog is out of control. The last 48 hours there's been a bit of relief, but you already know I practice yoga for an hour each day and I recently wondered if I'm doing more harm to my body than good by breathing deeply and with intensity for an hour each day.

That's no bueno.

What's bueno is the distributed log element that as of next month I've been contributing to for a year. A year! It's there. I see new people on it near-daily. The conversations have gotten a little heated and still there seems to be an element of understanding and respect there. It's cool, and I'm grateful to be contributing and learning as it grows.

What have I done on day 1 of vacation?

  1. Danced around the room with @ev
  2. Bought about $4USD (79pesos, 99 if you include the huevos) worth of veggies in the mercado
  3. Eaten a massive pile of fresh veggies from the mercado
  4. Beta tested something
  5. Rearranged the room
  6. Did an actual hour of yoga this morning from 9:20-10:20a
  7. Watched the first (or second?) press conference of the season
  8. Responded to messages in my inbox
  9. Reviewed hand-written notes
  10. Wrote this piece

Earlier this week I sewed up a hole (look ↑) in Everett's merino wool shirt given to him by Outlier (probably Abe) in 2011. It's held up real well for six years and sewing up that hole helped me understand why my grandmother used to be near-cursing sewing up black garments with black thread; shit ain't easy on the eyes nor fingers.

A few hours into this vacation I mentioned I'm halfway to my birthday (it's July 23 and today is January 23). To which Ev responded: what's impressive is how much younger you look now than you did when we met seven years ago.

I mean, could a woman pay a man enough to say that? (But yeah, it's these frequent /sarc vacations that have kept me young and springy.)

Either that or I should have been offended. Who knows, I took it as decent.

Needed a little time off the network to get my mind right. Let's see how the rest of this vacation week goes. I'll report back as much or as little as I want. As for 'mind right' the reference contains a shout out to Mind Right by TK & Ca$h. While I'm at it, shout out to JCole who is having a birthday later this week (I only know since it's January 28th...and he has a song by the same name).

That's it.

It's vacay.

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