Re: %OaA+9xWTs

I have had an idea for a sci-fi book that I haven't written called Cat War III.

The premise is cats already have the ability to control people telepathically using a nuerovirus produced and transferred via their litter box. But everything changes when a cat manages to convince a human to design an armored helmet that mounts on top of the human's dead which can hold and protect the cat. This is the secret weapon the cats' had been waiting for, because they can dig their claws in and get the humans to do whatever they want. Thus the cats create a new symbiotic race of human/cat hybrids that take over the world.

Us, as mere humans, are at a huge disadvantage and have to fight a losing war against the hybrids for a long time. Eventually several cat-eating countries band together to help the survivors... but will the cats win?

This could be what is going on New Zealand.