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There are links in the user guide, that look like https://viewer.scuttlebot.io/%25f6No%2B0gckncREe2dLT9fRw6MY99AH4SJC%2B2%2FbIUd9YI%3D.sha256

How can I open that in this client?

Re: %TbDjOST0j

@alanz I had trouble opening that link too, I think decodeURI() doesn't work on it for some reason.

Try: %f6No+0g...

Re: %TbDjOST0j

The link works fine from the original manual, into a normal browser. And your adapted one does too. I am not sure why the leading % is needed.

It would be good if this kind of link was somehow recognised here, and converted to local instead of going to the viewer.

Re: %TbDjOST0j

And to answer my own question

"Messages can reference three types of Secure Scuttlebutt entities: messages, feeds, and blobs (i.e. files). Messages and blobs are referred to by their hashes, but a feed is referred to by its signing public key.

To indicate the type of ID, a "sigil" is prepended to the string. They are:

@ for feeds
% for messages
& for blobs