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heading to Eugene, OR for this show (seeing friend sounjaneer aka lady alex); probably going to visit Eugene Makerspace Friday before the show, if I make it in time.

Then to Portland, with no further plans yet

holler at me if you're there; throw me some contacts if you know peeps

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In Oregon now, my crew and I have encamped by a fabulous hot spring at Cougar Reservoir - natural, very hot (with decreasing temperature pools), very low or no sulfur, an easy ride from Eugene

our "campsite" is great, it's big and surrounded by tall trees but open wide at the top to sunlight, and backed by a 40-50 foot tall rock wall like an amphiteater, behind which is open, moss-covered forest; lake and hot springs walkable; we'd love some company!

nomadageddon is the intended name of an sbot application for offering and finding sanctuaries in your networks... whether it's a house, land, a rental, a van, or sweet natural living. I might be able to sit back and code this piece soon, now that i have found sanctuary (one that isn't a desert in the summer)

the current encampment is a trial attempt at creating and offering a nomad sanctuary. a sanctuary is a safe place to be free. the current plan is to get more people and supplies coming through, and try to get it going "autonomously"

nomads in the network: welcome

locals in the network, if you're looking for a cheap thrill, pack up some useful items, and come visit - the hot spring is worth it, and the jams.

this is potentially easy free living in a very sweet environment, and it would be extra sweet to squat the nearby sites for nomads as well, for teh community, and parties, comrade!

we have a van, tools, cooking supplies, and music gear :^P

nature and nearby towns offer everything else a body needs; i can pick up in Eugene; PM for info

pass it on - i'll probably check

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Sounds amazing there - any pics?

Have been interested in shared land collectives before - kind of greener hackspaces where you can also sleep

How does it survive financially?

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@johnny You're fuckin lunatic, but a like it. Who is your crew? Are they on ssb? Can they take a few pics?

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Things the encampment needs:

  • tent(s)
  • wardrobe
  • water filter
  • shovel, axe, rake
  • more kitchen supplies
  • nomad tech
  • solar power


we are financed by some savings, but otherwise have no income; our plan is engage with the public with music, art, divinity, and technology, and see how we can make it pay


we are only two right now, me and a partner, but we have some friends in the area who may be induced to

I also attract sweet strangers everywhere, so maybe we'll invite em off grid (online and off!). that's more my plan than expecting people from this network to show.

but we'll only be holding it down as long as we need, or as long as we are needed, and most likely heading south again in 2-3 weeks; if nobody else shows up, or takes over, well, I guess we were only camping; but we're willing to leave stuff behind, help acquire supplies, &etc, to make it work; would love a kewl camp to come back to

we currently have to drive about 20+ miles for internet, but there may be closer in Blue River, OR; we do have a cell phone w/data, but no service on the mountain (have not tried hiking to highest point yet); we'll probably be in Eugene, Saturday

pic from the road doesn't capture the size dimensions well, and it wraps around, up and to the right; also hella downsamled and discolored for blob size sympathies


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we're spending the day at the nearest site down the road; it's a shaded, mossy forest; a perfect complement to the sunny, open site we've been inhabiting;

have met so far one other forest dweller of indefinite-timeline status, and plenty campers of near and far, with respect to distance from the hot springs (i guess we're 1.25 mile)

\I'd like to score some solar panels, and a few electronic parts; the only thing bugging me is bad battery life and no power except an inverter on the van battery, and I'm not risking a no-start for some typos. yet I need to get hacking to follow through with schema. i'm not going broke and out here, no no.

but we're hardly stranded. We have a large whiteboard at the opening of our camp that has so far been enough signal to passing campsite seekers,. OTOH, we could easily change spots or come back to the same ones again, it seems, as few semi-permanent types of come our way, and we can wait out the resters.

we may option to hide stuff away in the woods for return to Oregon, which I expect to be more often, or at least a few more times over the next year. southern california to central oregon is a pretty circuit. and we're due back in San Diego for a date mid-August.

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In Eugene, OR now, about an hour from camp; spending a couple days here, we've left most of our stuff up at camp; hit me up if you live in Eugene, or Portland, we'd love to visit some folk and chill; I will cook your food realgood if you let me

couple pics at the end of this post (wish: sbot in the cloud that auto-seeds webtorrents w/ optional TTL)

I should take more shot of the hot spring, lake, and surrounding mountains, and the other site mentioned above; we've dubbed the sunny site "butterfly skatepark", for during the day a glitter of butterflies joyously race and swirl around the bowl riding on hot rays (the sunny camp gets too hot during the day, so we leave it to the butterflies and hit the lake or go into the woods)

Whether we stay or depart, the 2 week encampment has been a success both as-is and to better prepare for future encampments. i'd happily contribute to it's continuation cuz aforementioned sweetness of location and amenities; winter would be another tale, as this mountain must get plenty of snow, altho I don't know exactly how much - prob'ly would need fires burning 24/7 to keep the village from getting packed; i imagine they keep the roads clear tho, as we're not far from the main attraction

more exploration has discovered that these two sites are the last for a ways off this off-road; and there are only a couple below the site; this whole mountain could be fruitfully encamped; internet is the really the only missing element, assuming one day everybody has they own solar enough, or there is a communal stack;

we do get a weak cell signal (AT&T) halfway out of the reservoir area; the surrounding establishment's internets be intermittent (a good diner lies about 15-20 slow driving minutes from camp down the hwy); but internet deprivation is good too

we don't have elec yet, which is a bummer, but gonna change that asap; maybe gonna pick up some in town today if a good deal can be found on c-list, but it looks like I have to drive to portland for that... not ready for portland yet, probably not until somebodies up there offers a comfy welcome, or some other summoning; same goes for destination in Washington, so holler if you're out there!

sign on large whiteboard at the entry of camp (I smashed the board a bit exiting the steep rocky driveway)


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a few nights ago we drove back to camp from Eugene (we only stayed one night); at the very entrance to camp, something under the hood of exploded

we had brought several days of food, so it was decided not to make an emergency out the situation yet; instead, all night we danced giant shadows upon butterfly skatepark's (BSP) cliff-side wall; next next day moved camp to across to the moss wood, which we should have done long ago - this one has an ample creek of fresh cold water, a deep empty moss covered giant tree stump for compost toilet, and is cool in afternoon

BSP is too hot during the day, and a record-breaking heatwave is coming through; another fun datum about BSP is that at night, ninja quick pitch black mice descend from the cliff, causing tiny rock slides; BSP was also nest of two wraiths, never once seen, but heard screeching back and forth to each other like no bird or owl or bat I've ever heard; and there are only two in the entire area making this noise; all night, nightmarish screech and response; i had to to cast stare at them (well, in their direction, for they were unseen in the silhouette of trees against the night sky); with a lantern on, they could see me, and they fled;

the largest beast in the area are probably ravens; it seems odd that there is not more wildlife, but it is a mountain-top, and perhaps the environment was harsher prior to becoming a reservoir. the wraiths tho...

the explosion was a radiator hose, and it was quite exploded; I attempted to patch the hose at camp with an aluminum can, iron wire, and rainbow duct tape from the art box; then we attempted to drive down the mountain in evening to test this fix; the engine quickly overheated and began clunking; whatever caused the explosion was not patchable; i have my hypothesis; we made it all the way down and out of the reservoir area, in neutral, before it stalled from overheating by the highway; possibly this act ruined the engine, kaput; had I thought better, we would have left "Twinkle Van Sparkle" to RiP 4eva up at camp

we hiked into the nearest town and and stayed at an Inn for the night; camp is a little far out to be without a supply vehicle, although we could make it work with bikes and a trailer perhaps; I have word from our fellow forest dweller, Dafydd, that they and another want to join camp. We'd all gone to Eugene together earlier.

The crew will probably stick around in difficult mode a couple days to see if camp survives and what it means for us; I may have the van towed back up there just because...

in the morning we decide to rent bikes and head back to camp with provision. well, probably...

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Oh man, the tragedy of cars. Sucks.

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oh I hope you didn't seize the engine because that is not a cheap fix. I did that once on a motorbike. );

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Update: spaceship Twinkle Van Sparkle revived...

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The large van that could, then couldn't, then could again.

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@johnny YAY! please post details! other people's engine troubles always valuable learning opportunity ;)