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I want to talk a little bit about what is going on with %decent.

%decent is built on top of %minbay which is built on %minbase, which connects to %scuttlebot

%decent hasn't really been coming together for me since version 2. The original Decent was an altnet, because I wanted to see if that'd work. It did. But having an altnet is kind of a solitary affair, so I decided to stop doing that and start finding ways to onboard people using the lite client using my website to the main network.

Performance is way up with the lite client (despite some recent incidents that were fixed with more swap). I'm also optimistic about the flume indexes in %minbase@flume because they make everything faster. But right now these indexes only work if you're using the same key as the sbot server you're using, so that's a limitation.

But last night @gb and I were sitting awake in the bed at the weekly hotel and I said Decent wasn't coming together for me. And she said 'What if you think about it as a competitor to Wordpress?' and I said 'ok, that makes some sort of sense'.

Then today I said 'What if I think it as a decent alternative to your website.' Imagine you just clone down Decent, npm install it, and then you have a social networking app running on your domain instead of a website.

Right now I have a Metalsmith blog which is so very static. I want everything to be dynamic, social, interesting, interactive. I want to move by blog to oldskool.evbogue.com and move Decent into the primary slot. But for me to do that, it needs to 'just work' and also be completely self-explanatory, and someday in the future run on websbot.

For that to be true, the first step I thought about was including a help page so people aren't completely lost. Another thing I wanted was an self-fulfilling invite, but that doesn't quite work because sbot needs to be on the server to get to the invite.

Anyway, I'm working from 10am until 3am tomorrow, so I won't have much time to work on it. I thought I'd record my thoughts here before they are all erased by the restaurant.