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SSBC call

Auckland ~ 2 Feb, 11:02
Berlin ~ 1 Feb, 23:02
Mexico_City ~ 1 Feb, 16:02

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  • notes (hackmd) this pad
  • voice (mumble) celehner.com - plz set up beforehand, headphones + push-to-talk


People are welcome to join.
Post up your topics in this thread.

cc @ev @gb @cel @noffle @ahdinosaur @mmckegg @cryptix

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Re: %wct8D+Pki

Thanks @mixmix :)

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Re: %wct8D+Pki

I'll be there. See y'all then!

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Re: %wct8D+Pki

We have another appointment tonight but think I can make it if transportation plays well.

Topics: perf and Ressource monitoring (re Pub traffic and switching to flume)

Cya all!

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Re: %wct8D+Pki

I'll be there!

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mysterious internet failure at my place prevents me from attending today. (i'm on 3g right now)

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@cel sad..! :{ ;)

might ask emery about his email inbox>ssb pm thing! sounds similary to your idea.

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Re: %wct8D+Pki


(the H confused me m( stupid brain..!)

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nice call!

to be honest: i love how the feedback from mix' setup eliminated cross talk. annoying but very effective.

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your idea.


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to be honest

Are you not usually?

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Great meeting y'all!

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Are you not usually?

@gb hehe.. to be honest (zing!) not a fan of painful honesty. Sometimes I keep stuff to myself if I know that people have a strong opinions (like haircuts or colors or w/e).

In this case I guessed that this might be a unpopular opionon so I doubled down on the seriousnes of the comment.. if that makes any sense..

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dumping call notes (hope nobody is offended, think we should check about this next time during checkout)

SSBC call Feb 2/3 2017



  • checkin

  • What is up with the gossip schedule? g$ EB D C mi

  • love to hear about Decent + talk possibilites for code-sharing EB pg D g$
  • robeson
  • types of Xbay modules (e.g. helpers vs renders) mi pg mm
  • websbot & private groups & flume D C pg
  • traffic limits! mm C EB
  • IMAP gateway overview EM
  • arbitrary post metadata mm EM

    • (q: is json enough?)
    • the question on arbitrary post metadata is about stuffing lots of odd json into posts
    • cat wat.json | sbot publish . is totally a thing ;)
  • checkout


piet: sitting beside mix in Wellington NZ. been working with mix and ahdinosaur. been lurking on patchwork for a while. Spent the last year teaching js.

mix : Hi I'm mix, calling from Wellington New Zealand. I'm working on patchbay and some of the hyper.. tools around it at the moment. I'm a dev and currenlty teaching devs

cryptix: currently in .ch for wagelabor until friday.!!

noffle: Oakland, CA; hacking out of the Impact Hub today /w digital democracy folks. First time on the ssb call!

emery: berlin, working on IMAP to SSB, and maybe some binary package management. First time in the call

matt: Also from Wellington, NZ. Did some stuff with webtorrent and ssb a while back and made a peer to peer soundcloud called ferment. I have a cat on my chest.

dominic: I live on a sailboat in auckland and work on ssb.

g: working on Decent with @ev, hosted @mil3s in Mexico City, working on onboarding people who are new to code/don't code at all

Gossip Schedule?!

ev: replication issues (delays, ...), test setup: 2pubs, 2local clients + lots of lites

replication testing locally. Seeing some really slow replication from local to pubs(45 mins)
Could be the long term clients aren't communicating


  • mix: better network diagnostics page (cr:+1)
  • mix: range of different pubs (out of date)
  • mix: sbot sleeping + waking up better (from computer sleep, from wifi fluctuations) (cr+1)
  • dominic: testing by simulating posting with predictable timesteps (cr:+1)
  • dominic: ability for sbot to know when connection has failed
  • a pony

Actions: Dominic and ev working on gossip schedule problem


ev: a walkabout project, brings everything into one repo.
Nothing to move upsteam yet, but moving things downstream has been interesting.
D: what kinda changes have you made
ev: just ripping stuff out !
ev: social side effect - doing a lot of onboarding, and have been feeling weird about dropping people into the network.
D: we need privacy to be able to know how people will receive / understand our opinions. This is a motivation for group private messages
ev: notice some stage-fright when people land in the broad community.
piet : ~isn't popping filter bubbles important
ev: would be nice for politics to not be so involved, communism has been caused a bunch of problems

D: spectrum of pol. beliefs(?).

mix: what about we have a slider for tightness of filter view
matt: I did that in pw-next, it was only 1-degree friendship

matt: lets differentiate between replication and displaying posts


Action: Dominic will reach out to this person and explain what could be done differently + better, invite him to call.


defer to after
Cryptix : adding byts sent / received to page (dominic will help)


Emry I want emails to dump into IMAP folders, then from there into the network.
Make a feed for the daemon

q : encryption
q : can I just add the email headers to the messages I post
(received, from , to, +miscellaneous stuff)

cryptix : I think you can throw whateve JSON into the boxing
D : currently you box enxrypt JSON objects, but do you want plain text outside the messages.

E : I just want to use patchwork as my email client
C : I think cel would be interested in this
E : I don't want to worry about storing the messages

Phew - best checkout ever.


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Re: %wct8D+Pki

might ask emery about his email inbox>ssb pm thing! sounds similary to your idea.

@ehmry i'm happy to discuss it or collaborate on it. otherwise feel free to run with it

@cryptix thanks for digging up that post. i think we have the potential to make viable alternatives to many centralized services using this methodology

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Re: %wct8D+Pki

Sorry I wasn't aware I was generated feedback - I guess not having headphones and sharing your laptop might not be ideal.

I loved hearing where people are at.
@matt your cat checkins were super sweet. Hope your cat is feeling better soon