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Re: %E+OxB7V8J

Assuming you're not using an epoxy, a professional shoe-gluer once told me that gluing rubber is much improved if you apply heat to both surfaces immediately before sticking them together. Just a few passes with a heat gun. Works wonders.

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Re: %AMTCE8l47

What?! I thought DisasteRadio had become something else?! Hurray!

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Re: %3i6kJBzPO

Damn that sucks :(

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Re: %NGpIxJaPl

@Dominic Cool! know a marine biologist who specializes in ecosystem modeling. I'll try to get her to join patchwork and answer all our questions :)

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Re: %NGpIxJaPl

That's very interesting. Often the problem with eating algae, be it macroalgae or microalgae, is that it's simply too salty and extracting the salt is problematic. However, if you can manage to eat mostly zooplankton that keep their bodies at a significantly lower salinity than the surrounding water then I guess it would be edible in larger quantities. I wonder what the ratio of saline-bodied to non-saline-bodied creatures would be. It'd likely vary quite a bit though it may be that zooplankton above a certain size generally have non-saline bodies.

Regardless, you should definitely boil it:

Zooplankton can also act as a disease reservoir. Crustacean zooplankton have been found to house the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which causes cholera, by allowing the cholera vibrios to attach to their chitinous exoskeletons. This symbiotic relationship enhances the bacterium's ability to survive in an aquatic environment, as the exoskeleton provides the bacterium with carbon and nitrogen.[5]

from zooplankton ecology on wikipedia

Also good point about the plastic. I don't know how one would filter e.g. microbeads unless the plastic floats or sinks, and even then waiting for plastic to settle to the top or bottom is somewhat problematic on a boat.

I wonder if eating plankton instead of eating fish would be better or worse for the ocean. I assume it would be better in terms of efficiency since you're eating the plankton directly instead of eating the thing that eats plankton but it might disrupt the ocean ecosystem in even worse ways.

@juul voted A had a robot make this box for me the other day ![hexbox-open.jpg](&TbBY
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Has anyone played with WebVR? I'm trying to understand the reason why GearVR doesn't work with Chrome (meaning that I have to use the Oculus Carmel or Samsung Internet browsers).

Is it simply that they haven't added support for the controller or is Samsung or Google maliciously preventing use of their hardware with the other vendor's software?

btw if any of you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8 (though apparently not the Active versions) then you can pick up the new GearVR with controller for < $60 on ebay. I hear the S6 tends to overheat during extended VR usage but you could just strap a heat sink onto the back with some rubber bands.

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Re: %AZgo+zGqh

What about the 9v slug fence? Seems pretty foolproof. Wire it up to a dedicated 9v buck converter and cover the perimeter?

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Re: %iFFHQHcby

Cool stuff! I didn't know they could be wired in parallel like that.

For those who want to work on homebrewing solar battery stuff I highly recommend looking at the system Elektra published a few weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLP4MxQp8kk

It can only handle 50 watts as is, but would be pretty simple to scale up. I really like how it doesn't use a bunch of specialized components.

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Re: %7d+bV4zTV

I'm going to take this moment to blatantly push my own RPC module: rpc-multistream and its authentication module rpc-multiauth :) though dnode is also great.

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Re: %R6thN7BtT

Thanks! It went great! We had a decent sized batch of new people and I believe everyone learned something. We'll see if it translates into more active volunteers over the next few weeks :)

@juul voted Common Form I'd like to share a project that I've been working on for a fe
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Re: %eDkTCBPrE

Your app is closed source?

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  "type": "gathering"
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BioBricks Foundation just announced that they will be making 10 megabases of DNA freely available under the OpenMTA using community input to decide which sequences are synthesized through a partnership with Twist.

Disclaimer: Am employed by BBF.

@juul dug finally created pull requests to re-license to AGPLv3 :heart: - patchcore: in #patchwork
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Re: %WpV0tZXma

lol for a second there I thought the big crane was the CNC with the guy attaching a drill bit :S

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Re: %xptIwHqkj

Check out the talks from battlemesh v10 last week. You'll get a good idea of the current lay of the land.

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Re: %6ilM1qPCl

Huh, I've been using the same key on two devices since I began using patchwork. What does patchwork care about forked feeds? The replication algorithm can't handle them?

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In Singapore at NUS for SB7. Any scuttlers want to meet up?

@juul in #scuttlebutt
Re: %cNKDX8mOO

I feel better! Being here made me fully realize how terrible facebook/twitter have become. It's mostly just people re-posting or commenting on mass-media.

I'm worried about loosing the culture of this network with an eternal september style mass influx of new users at some point and I've started thinking more about how to prevent that.

I feel like not having the explicit ability to re-post/re-share and not encouraging people to post stuff that they didn't write (e.g. the "share this on facebook"-button) are really nice patchwork features that help keep the conversation focused on what people are actually doing / thinking about rather than feeling like a crowdsourced competitive marketing platform.

@juul dug mixmix wrote this: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ssb-horcrux in #scuttlebutt
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Re: %0B8LhXh9f

Wow i've wanted to use that every since I read about it in applied cryptography!

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Re: %0B8LhXh9f

What if you just gave a few of your friends the power to write an "identity change" message to your log? You publish a message saying "if at least 2/3 of these folks say i've switched logs, then you should believe them". It's like leaving a usb key with your private key at your friends house in case your house burns down, but automatic. In the UI it could show up as:

"Someone (@xyz...) claiming to be Carlos Galarza (@v28w...) says that Carlos Galarza ost their key and that @xyz... is their new identity. Carlos listed you as a trusted friend: Can you verify that @xyz... is not an imposter?" <yes> <no>

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Re: %TZYeTPmmr

Maybe it's time to build your own high power MPPT? I linked to Elektra's design a few days ago, which could be scaled up without too much trouble. Here's Elektra's talk.

@juul in #mesh

All the battlemesh talks are being streamed here

@juul in #boats

Interesting talk from battlemesh on long range marine connectivity:

BLUECOM+ Connecting Humans and Systems at Remote Ocean Areas by Filipe B. Teixeira

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cross-posting @tunabananas' post from the-social-network-that-shall-not-be-named:

Elektra presenting Freifunk-Open-MPPT, an open hardware and software design for solar-powered wifi nodes WirelessBattleMesh http://ow.ly/gHsc30couSJ

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Re: %/zrcHHHg2

Hi Max. I'm visiting Vienna right now for Battlemesh. Are you there?

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Arrived at BattleMesh v10 in Vienna with @tunabananas.

Who else is here? @mitar ?

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Re: %3DpOdyH6w

@vekz you can come by any tuesday, we just spend more time on having a proper meeting-meeting and intro'ing new people on last tuesdays :)

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Re: %3DpOdyH6w

Also, @nanomonkey mistyped. It's actually Tuesday's at 7:30 pm!

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Re: %3DpOdyH6w

Yep! The network is called People's Open Network now though our org is still called sudo mesh :)

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Re: %eWDViSizO

CCCamp would be a better comparison. See you there in 2019?

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Re: %M6dHGCt04

Hurray! This looks pretty great :)

Is this the correct url? http://hackland.nz/

Do you have a "supporters" membership level for people who don't want physical access nor the ability to participate in consensus?

Is this space open to the general public whenever members are present?

If so I recommend having a solid policy on safe space / appropriate behavior and explicitly empowering members to kick out and temporarily ban problematic individuals until the issue can be properly mediated or discussed in a group setting. I emphatically recommend having a system in place for how to ban both members and non-members before you first need to ban someone. Having the "how do we even ban?"-discussion on top of the "we want to ban this member"-discussion is not at all fun. Also it's nice to be explicit about how to go about kicking out someone who doesn't want to leave: Gather up as many members from the space as you can then calmly approach the problematic individual while standing shoulder to shoulder and repeatedly ask the individual to leave while herding them toward the door. Last but not least I recommend reaching out to similar spaces in the area, establishing mutual ban policies between spaces and pre-seeding your ban list with whoever is already banned from those similar spaces.

You may not have big issues so this may turn out to be a waste of time. Labitat hasn't had many but sudo room and omni commons definitely have. I suspect Auckland shares more in common with Copenhagen than Oakland. If you can get away with it I recommend simply adopting these types of documents/procedures from an existing hackerspace and calling it version 0.0.1 that can be revisited once it has proven itself to be buggy, rather than spending weeks and weeks tweaking long documents until everyone is happy.

Alright I'll shut up with my unsolicited advice now :) I realize how very different hackerspaces can be so it may make total sense for you to completely ignore me.

@juul dug heh, I thought you where gonna claim some mythic origin story like the free in #hackerspaces
@juul in #hackerspaces

Today marks the 1000th year since we founded Labitat, the first hackerspace in Denmark!

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Re: %n/EjSJeac

Oh, and linux' network namespacing allows for each chroot machine to have its own virtual network adapters with minimal effort and without the overhead of a full VM. We've been using this feature for experimenting with mesh protocols on a single machine.

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Re: %eWDViSizO

Hehe. Didn't read it yet, but is this a play on What Is To Be Done?

@juul dug Update on our greenhouse! ![IMG_20170529_082914.jpg](&nqY/XoQRejGWMTD2kwSm in #gardening
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Re: %n/EjSJeac

We wouldn't even need a full VM for this. It could be as simple as a chroot. Nowadays you can even use chroot for different architectures, e.g:

apt install qemu-user-static
cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static /my_chroot_dir/usr/bin
chroot /my_chroot_dir

(though I once tried to re-build glibc using this setup and hit a QEMU segfault, so be warned)

If multiple different chroot dirs were kept on the same machine then using a copy-on-write filesystem like btrfs would really keep space usage minimal even when managing multiple VMs and could make copying a new system from a remote VM much faster given that existing VMs could already have most of the same files cached. This would require some slightly more complicated version of rsync to be written but it doesn't seem too hard.

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Re: %n/EjSJeac

@Dominic honestly I've spent time with a few of those types of tools and I feel like they overcomplicate things that should be simple, to the point that I stopped using them.

SSH'ing into a machine often means that you don't know exactly what you'll have to do to get the result you want. There is some experimentation involved.

How about having a local VM which is a clone of the remote machine and you configure the VM until it's in the state you like, logging all actions via ssb (command history + file changes caused by interactive programs like e.g. text editors and midnight commander) and then replaying on the server? You would sometimes replay a bunch of unnecessary (and possibly embarrassing) experimentation, but that's no different from if you'd done that directly on the server.

I can't think of any other solution that isn't going to require a bunch of extra work from the user.

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Re: %VDGkckCva

It is unlikely that governments will adopt UBI any time soon. Norway is a good example, having ~5 million people or ~0.07% of the world's population and the government pension fund holding over 1% of all global stocks, or about $0.9 trillion, which translates to ~$175,000 per person in their pension fund alone. Then there's the rich oil fields on top of the fact that they rely on 99% hydro for their own electricity and make extra money from selling hydro storage capacity to Denmark (which has lots of wind power but no mountains for storage).

If anywhere would be perfect for an UBI experiment it would be Norway but they are terrified of changing the status quo with only the smallest of the parliamentary parties (green party) supporting the idea. As I understand it they are specifically afraid of Dutch Disease.

In Denmark there is a widespread perception of (and outrage at) too many people getting too much for free from the government and not contributing enough back. I know this phenomenon isn't limited to Scandinavia, but it's interesting to see this in countries that owe much of their relative success to their recent history of providing a high level of free basic services to all.

I think these are the main factors that will hinder UBI experiments even in countries where so much is already provided for free that the change would be minimal. If the populations of these countries can't agree, I'm not sure there's much hope for the rest of the world any time soon. The only thing I could see triggering a nationwide UBI would be for a country in a severe crisis to adopt it as part of a fundamental restructuring of their society.

I like the idea of a currency with built-in UBI, maybe as a tax on speculation. I think preventing speculation is probably a requirement for building resilient and equitable structures, but if it can't be prevented then maybe it can be taxed heavily?

Right now I feel like we have a global community of people all building better (decentralized, open, sustainable, etc) alternatives to various pieces of civilization, and each piece has the potential to make people less dependent on incumbent systems of power and control. As Stallman sang:

When we have enough free software
At our call, hackers, at our call,
We'll kick out those dirty licenses
Ever more, hackers, ever more.

but we're well past the point of working only on software. Maybe it's time to update the song:

When we have enough free infrastructure
At our call, hackers, at our call,
We'll kick out those dirty governments
Ever more, hackers, ever more.

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Re: %p1dAmM69t

Thank you for reminding me to read the new chapters of Programmer At Large! Btw. it's methods of rationality.

@juul in #crypto
Re: %7TaZt1Zpo

I see your point but I feel like either you're a person who has a basic knowledge of crypto and you already know what a public and private key is so this will just confuse you more, or you don't have basic knowledge of crypto so you probably won't be handling keys directly and if you do then the most important concern above all others is to make you understand not to share your private key. Instead I propose renaming the private key to Private Really Important Vitally Awfully Top-secret Electrogram or PRIVATE key for short.

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Re: %cuMtZxypq

@mixmix Yeah, it could get confusing if some people are viewing with nesting and others are not. Though it appears that we already have nesting at the data structure level and are representing this in the UI so maybe it will be fine to give the users multiple options? We could just try and see what happens :)

@juul in #patchwork
Re: %cuMtZxypq

Well in that case: How do people feel about an UI option for threaded comments? I wrote a module that could support this.

@juul dug computing with solar power in public ![solar-pitop.jpg](&I8zK5MOfG9121ZAiB in #solarpunk
@juul dug i'm keen to re-license to AGLv3, i've brought this up before (a long time a in #patchwork
@juul in #patchwork

Why is Patchwork licensed as GPLv3? Wouldn't it make more sense to use AGPLv3 since there is a real danger of someone creating a hosted "centralized" Patchwork instance with improved features that they then don't contribute back to the community?

My personal rule until recently had been to license everything that is probably going to be used on the web as AGPLv3 and otherwise license as GPLv3, but I recently realized that I should expect everything to be web-based in the future so I'm changing all my non-web projects to GPLv3 + AGPLv3 dual-license so they can be used in both GPLv3 and AGPLv3 projects.

@juul dug I'm giving a talk on pull-streams tonight at auckland node. This is highly in #node
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Re: %h4G2yuH6e

None scheduled as far as I know. No-one has taken it on. It's supposed to be the first Wednesday of every month but both me and captain_morgan are out of town this coming first Wednesday. Let me know if you want to take it on.

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Re: %J4U1M+1M0

@Dominic That sounds alright as long as I can tell the tree when to have them ready and adjust serving temperature. Otherwise I'd end up having to drink my avocado smoothie lukewarm :anguished:

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Re: %J4U1M+1M0

@donkeyscience global underground mycelial network