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Loose Moose!

Includes a tabernacle. Not to be confused with the Quebec swear word.

I cherish the letter I got as a response from Bolger.

@Emile voted Oh yeah, the problem with SSB radio, is that it's really slow. like 300 byt
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@Emile voted over the weekend went on a hike from [@Pete](@RwYBAe2YxTeVQgiJEeuPD3AZrte0S
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Those bridges @Dominic are crazy!

@Emile voted today I hiked up Mt Hobson, highest point on Great Barrier Island. Barrier
@Emile voted Hey, I borrowed your dog. Or did you borrow mine?! ![Loki.JPG](&9bCLoOAJjF
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@Emile voted ### The fight to finish Faceism In the beginning the Internet was open. It
@Emile voted :last_quarter_moon: The moon is in the last quarter
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Family out for a quick fast-pack up Turtle Mountain. The fog belt in the distance…


@Emile voted last night I sailed to great barrier island through phospheresence (glow i
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@Emile voted # Dillo Web Browser https://dillo.org/ > ### What is Dillo? > > - Dillo
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Kicking the tires on installing patchbay; including all the node stuff.

might be a while… :smiley:

@Emile voted # Proposal: Multi-pub invite Here's another proposal for improved invite f
@Emile voted [@Emile](@2YVYXQclEJHVzCON5dsLRwf65b2S6HnvxpGS8/LwjwY=.ed25519) Yes, Cory D
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@signal9 @nanomonkey @mix

Walkaway by Cory Doctorow?

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Fjallabak Nature Reserve - Iceland

1-8-2015 Iceland 0712.JPG

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@Emile voted And now I'm hungry...
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@Emile voted *Walkaway* was good, if there were a pneumatic tube from California to New
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@gb Thanks for asking :smile:

These days I'm oscillating between three:

Wasting Time on the Internet by Kenneth Goldsmith
God Bless You, Mr Rosewater by Vonnegut
Gods' Man by Lynd Ward

As the evening progresses, I usually peek at these in this order based on the available energy and seriousness. I'm looking to reread Microserfs by Douglas Coupland when I finish the first two.

@Emile voted I went down to the Albany Bulb to pick black berries and walk the dogs yest
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@Emile voted [@dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) checked t
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@Dominic awesome suggestion. I read this last year in a pique of recovering from an arduous project.

@Emile voted [@ev](@8Qee0I/DwI5DHSCi3p5fsl6FyLGArrnDz3ox9qZr5Qc=.ed25519) [@gb](@ya/sq19
@Emile voted I had no idea. Round 2: ![IMG_1497_feross.JPG](&CZmr5LKOnLuDBzv6xeL4Am667
@Emile voted I was frustrated at neighbors using facebook and nextdoor.com to . . . talk
@Emile voted >The weirder you are the more likely they are to warm up to you, in my expe
@Emile voted Here is a fennel plant in my front yard, I love the patterns it's stems and
@Emile voted # a rainy july day Off-and-on rain today at spider farm. Marina and I took
@Emile voted ![20170712_151042.jpg](&HbwK32/C9MsCpCFWkG+1UtBbpu+9oTI4RmRT9auykHY=.sha256
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@Emile voted I've been reading Nelson Mandel's Long Walk to Freedom recently, so a lot o
@Emile voted I should mention that while we did pick the mushrooms, we have _not_ eaten
@Emile voted At least some puffballs can be eaten too. So can chicken of the woods and s
@Emile voted I got flatter type gravel for that reason. 23 tons covered half the drivewa
@Emile voted That *is* a lot of gravel. Growing up we had a 1945 Plymouth dump truck.
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On the grand scheme of @mix's post on crepes, thought I'd share a Brayon recipe for ployes from north of here. Tis simple, more of a transporter of tasty things; cretons, molasses, maple syrup, baked beans et al.


2 cups buckwheat flour (farine de sarrasin in French)
1 cup white flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups cold water
1 cup boiling water

Mix dry ingredients.
Add 2 cups cold water to the dry ingredients and mix well.
Let stand 5 minutes.
Add 1 cup boiling water and mix vigorously.
If batter looks too thick, add a little bit of cold water.
Pour batter as you would a pancake in cast iron skillet (the best) or I have used a breakfast plate to cook mine (you can make more than one at a time) and they came out very good. Let the ploye cook, you will see little holes come up everywhere, the more holes, the better your ploye is.
When you see that the mixture is not liquid anymore, your ploye is ready. Only cook on one side, a ploye is NOT to be turned to cook.
To really have good Ployes you have to mix your batter between each ploye.

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@Emile voted I went to Sweden with a friend today. We took the ferryboat from Helsingør
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@Emile voted I found [@substack](@9nTgtYmvW4HID6ayt6Icwc8WZxdifx5SlSKKIX/X/1g=.ed25519)'
@Emile voted ahoy scuttlers, **name your favourite threads** on ssb. I've been posting
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@Emile voted What about the 9v slug fence? Seems pretty foolproof. Wire it up to a dedic
@Emile voted Common misconception, that's actually the symbol for a lamborgini with one
@Emile changed something in about
@Emile voted [@Joey Hess](@BCM6DHYJvWzwWi1lFl2tjDXjaqyZAEmJH5ZONSpXhtc=.ed25519) [@Custo
@Emile voted Earlier today getting back to Whangaparaoa, storm is coming ![IMG-20170707
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@Emile voted congratulations on being a person. sorry to say the reviews are not entirel
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Every once and a while I note the little things that make a city awesome.

Example is this "dog parking" outside of a grocery store in Lisbon, by a fire hydrant. Trés cool.

Portugal P1020580.JPG

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@Emile voted ## Centralized web ![centralized.png](&VqUwwEQay2jWOgRUaLlg20A+JvEBe+kDISQ
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@Emile voted ssb decentralisation is inherently local neighbourhoods ... it's just the l
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@Emile voted The guy wires on all four corners leads me to believe that it gets pretty w
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@Emile voted Wild dude!
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This one is a copy of the fire lookout prior to the institution of surveillance for forest fires by airplane years later. These days it is a nice shelter from the wind and rain :smile:

@Emile voted Almost completed a full week of using Linux about 95% of the time, and macO
@Emile voted Just an ordinary midwinter's day in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) ![14994816
@Emile voted I really love the kinds of buildings you find at the tops of mountains. Ver
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Torres del Paine — Chile

Chile DSCN0107.JPG

@Emile voted # White Man Behind a Desk ![white man behind a desk](&wH1dMlb4r/PqzfizC17m
@Emile voted Making a new door, it's obvioulsly intended to be symmetrical but it's not,
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@Emile voted # Cloning Navionics charts I was trying to get charts working on a very bas
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@Emile voted Speaking of [@Emile](@2YVYXQclEJHVzCON5dsLRwf65b2S6HnvxpGS8/LwjwY=.ed25519)
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@yangwao post on the hydroelectric dam reminded me of a small hike we did years ago on the headpond of a local dam. The levels were lowered that year to allow repairs, and we were able to hike out to an island, normally accessible only via canoe.

I have passed by the rock pictured below over many years and the tree keeps hanging on, eeking out living in a harsh surface.



Anyone playing around with the barnacle idea?

@Emile voted # CNC: Arrived ![IMG_20170613_113214.jpg](&DAdFuf9S8/PnyObs8C7vnWJ1P+g60V7
@Emile voted That calculator! :+1: I wonder if I still have mine… :thinking:
@Emile voted Right, so now I have registered at https://www.postcrossing.com/ and am abo
@Emile voted @cel, I'm trying to render markdown to the terminal in general. Sort of a
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That impeller… wow!

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@Emile voted :+1:! I refused to buy one at full price for years, then randomly came acro
@Emile voted Toronto and Paris both have aquariums, but I believe they both bring things
@Emile voted We visited one of biggest eco-friendly :battery: located in the nature, [Dl
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Looking at the underlying element, I'm stuck at $x % :smile:

<progress max="1" value="0.99479" class="" style="margin-left:

@Emile voted # Here's to Life! Here's why I :heart: Nature: ![Cymbalaria_muralis.jpg](
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Photos as promised; Mt Carleton.


@Emile voted # Snailmail!! Guess what, I had a snailmail today – all the way from :nz:
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@Matt I have tried restarting a few times, and I still get the blue progress bar @ 99.999% and the spinning widget thing (C'est Quoi?)

Messages and blobs are coming in and out… (was able to check that last night thanks to @ev ssb-viewer that's online.

@Emile voted I don't know if this is something that's been done. It's been talked about