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Oh, woops the above two messages are me saying the same thing twice - didn't realise this was part of the same thread. Patchwork is confusing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@substack sorry this response is weeks after the fact, but you might be interested to know that the feature currently being worked on for Open Collective is "custom tiers", which essentially means collectives will be able to define any rewards or goals they want, which backers can specifically fund. One use case could be a specific development milestone or iteration cycle. Others will use them for event tickets, t-shirts, sponsorship deals, advertising arrangements, consulting/support hours, etc. Payments can be one-off or recurring, again up to the collective to define and the backer to pick what suits them.

I expect that collectives will surprise us by being quite diverse and creative with the different things they define. For some communities, it makes sense to have specified, more transactional exchanges. For others, it pays to be a lot more indirect. This has been a much-requested feature from OC users, and it not existing until now has been an issue of dev capacity not a philosophical or product decision (we only have one dev right now on the team). Since OC is open source, I hope people see it as potential to create their ideal approach to money for their projects, since if it doesn't work quite how you want it to you can always build the thing you want into it yourself.

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@Alanna voted FWIW I believe if images and videos were given first-class treatment the wa
@Alanna voted ``` This community needs a critical mass of skilled programmers who are pas
@Alanna voted [@sam](@UhORGzAhEE3gqy/pH5vK+EgbpZfnyYvdI46TVBJH6Mw=.ed25519) ^ that is one
@Alanna voted [@alanna](@6OxffMLNyxkboLjCqv29WnMPhH8O3qFrcXCR6KrKcPI=.ed25519) sorry I do
@Alanna voted > I find Patchwork not that relevant to my online social life and only chec
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Re: %24ahNyZ/+

Hmmm.... I am totally on your side ideologically, but to provide a contrasting view, I find Patchwork not that relevant to my online social life and only check in occasionally, not because of the UX but because of who is on here. I'm not a male programmer, and most of the rest of you are. I only find a tiny fraction of the posts on here interesting personally.

I'm part of a group on Facebook for women having babies this November. Those women are so far from the core demographic of Patchwork, but it's pretty relevant to my life right now. And I share personal life stuff on Facebook because my friends and family are there and it's about who I'm sharing with, not so much how. Patchwork can't offer me that at all, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

I actually wouldn't argue for changing this about Patchwork at this stage - right now it's benefitting a lot from appealing to a very specific demographic. This community needs a critical mass of skilled programmers who are passionate about decentralisation and FLOSS more than it needs a group of women talking about which color curtains to put in their nursery.

But I also don't appreciate it when people dismiss Facebook without acknowledging that a ton of social and personal value comes out of it (despite all the negative impact it obviously has as well). The reason you guys can be happy here in your Patchwork bubble isn't because you're more ideologically pure about where you share your data (although you objectively are and that's cool), but because 90% of people on here look like you and are interested in the stuff you are passionate about.

@Alanna voted Meet Casey. She is a feral cat with social skills, and the smarts to put t
@Alanna voted Something random on the web reminded me of this old computer drawing of min
@Alanna voted anxious for my [luddite.js talk](http://viii.campjs.com/sessions#luddite) i
@Alanna voted ![tree_hutt.jpg](&32vAWqo0L0sj0xc/RqBqPrFit9XDKajC1zu0+cAU15Y=.sha256) Jus
@Alanna voted My badass sister representing in the [#uk](#uk) ![immigrant.jpg](&sB5S+3jK
@Alanna voted here's the reply from the NZ Army ![army_reply.jpg](&FBOGK46Tg3IEnVcvCAyxu
@Alanna voted ## Promoting open source, and promoting yourself @mix and I were having a
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@Alanna voted Tragedy of the commons. This is one of the worst problems about the market,
@Alanna voted [@ktorn](@z8aJVHJTc6MM8FwaNE2GIS3AYYt2HYFNWQUO8/iydNw=.ed25519) hey that's
@Alanna voted Good luck [@mixmix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519)
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Was thinking either that or "eternal September" ;)

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Good stuff! Have shared the link to VDP with the Open Collective community. There has been a decent amount of discussion among the team about enabling collectives to distribute their funds to other collectives, so they can donate 'upstream' to FLOSS they use, or laterally to projects they want to support. I think that functionality will be built pretty soon for Open Collective. Enabling human-powered money transfers in the ecosystem is a start, with more complex/automated stuff TBD in the future.

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@Alanna voted "Do unto others 20% better than you would expect them to do unto you, to co
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Re: %WAxeip2M7

I am so happy to hear that @signal9 ! I have talked to many people about how to fund/support open source, and there seems to be a consensus that commercial companies with a budget should give back (and that it serves them to do so in the long run). But of course there are a million questions about how exactly :)

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@Alanna voted Really great to read this story. I met some folks from Sentry at PyCon 201
@Alanna voted From Wellington: ![cat_army.png](&4ZMOKK10KE4UwnFc9wDH9pFxALV23tuEicyc2141
@Alanna voted Congratulations! You can paint all your walls pink and orange and get shag
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It's really great to 1) notice and 2) value this kind of work. Often times there are people in groups who tend to do it more than others, and people who tend to need it more than others. That's OK. But it really does enhance group communication and relationships, so it's good to resource it in a sustainable way.

I've done that through Stewardship circles, counseling buckets (funding so people can escalate to real therapy if their need is higher than a casual conversation with a peer), developing conflict resolution processes, and just a commitment to notice how this energy flows (how much am I asking for, how much am I putting out, are there people who need this support but aren't getting it, or are giving this support but burning out).

Getting better at this kind of communication has been really fulfilling for me as a person and important for my relationships. It's a valuable skill that gets better with conscious development, and can require a decent investment to build.

@Alanna voted [This post](%R9hSxBaeK2sUJjx4HU4vjMceCCKbU89ic+AVYXYnJRM=.sha256) by [@domi
@Alanna voted This has been a really good conversation. We went off a few tangents, but e
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Re: %VStrS5HvT

@andrestaltz sorry for the slow reply, but just wanted to chime in and say Open Collective is currently working on custom sponsorship tiers/rewards, so collectives will be able to set funding goals or offer specific things in return for contributions. Could be "build this requested feature" or "send you a t-shirt" or "10 hours of custom support from our team" etc. I expect it will be totally different stuff for every collective, and many will want to experiment and see what works.

Very interesting to consider the intersection of transactional exchange with the indirect reciprocity nature of peer production networks. However I don't think transactional=bad necessarily, since we see it working quite effectively in crowdfunding psychology, and also there are a lot of entities out there who simply cannot give money without specifying what it's for (companies have to account for everything). Just like with everything, we need to hack on APIs between the P2P world and the legacy systems in this area.

@Alanna voted hey [@marak](@5ovtEaQsrXYU13+02SIq7ny2milWoKusk5+CFI+twfs=.ed25519) that's
@Alanna voted [@dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) I love th
@Alanna voted [@Alanna](@6OxffMLNyxkboLjCqv29WnMPhH8O3qFrcXCR6KrKcPI=.ed25519) and I just
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My latest blog post interview exploring funding for open source: We Offered Matching Funds for Open Source — Here’s What Happened.. Interested in what you all think about these issues.

@Alanna voted I read aloud to [@Alanna](@6OxffMLNyxkboLjCqv29WnMPhH8O3qFrcXCR6KrKcPI=.ed2
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Talk about your free healthcare.

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Oh thanks I missed that one.

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Re: %TB4ehrcvI

OK thanks. No worries if it's anything that would require much work :)


Not sure who to ask about this... Maybe @Matt McKegg ?

Is there any way these green boxes could include an X to make them go away? As someone who only logs in once a week or so, I can't keep up with all the updates and am fine to stick with a slightly out of date version for a while. So the green box is kind of harshing my patchwork vibe :/

I really appreciate all the work that goes into the updates though!

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 9.53.46 PM.png

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UK-based co-op with a mission to redecentralise: https://www.diglife.com

We believe our tech should serve without tracking us, protect without limiting us, and empower without betraying us. And such tech should be accessible to everyone without exception.
We use digital technologies to improve our lives — for convenience, connection, information and entertainment. However, these same technologies track our every movement, our every action, our every interaction. They allow others to build and use and sell digital copies of us, corroding our privacy and influencing our lives in unknowable ways. The Digital Life Collective develops, funds and supports technologies created with only the individual's needs in mind. Trusted. Private. Inclusive. Our tech, not their tech. We're member funded, member owned, and member operated, for everyone's benefit ... digital technologies of, by, and for the people. We simply can't do this unless we do this together. Your experience, participation and enthusiasm as a co-founder helps others, and helps all those others help you and yours.

Seems pretty aligned with Scuttlebutt, but I'm not sure I quite get the value prop. Are they going to be an advocacy group and mutual support platform for other co-ops?

@Alanna dug [@lzlr](@xjCzxPzPLX1clDkUxoXFWjgCOpKMI+TO3mp53kkPruA=.ed25519) I suspect th
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Most humans aren't happy to win if it means someone else has to lose/suffer. The image we cultivate of ourself as good people is an important part of our psyche. Even those who do hurt others often spend a lot of brain cycles figuring out how to rationalise it so they can still think of themselves as decent (unless they are a true sociopath, which is rare, or a Trump-like character).

This is why we all have some intuitive understanding of the answer to a questions like, "Why would you leave a tip at a restaurant you'll never go to again (such as while travelling)?" (in a US context where tipping is expected) - it's because people don't want to be a jerk in their own eyes. It's a baked-in part of human psychology as social animals.

Re: %R6B26G5Ps

HN discussion here.


What do y'all think of BlockStack?

"A New Internet for Decentralized Apps. Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locally. A browser portal is all that’s needed to get started."

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I haven't connected directly with Ricardo Semler, but @joshuavial has, and I believe he was inspired by Ricardo's ideas when conceiving Enspiral. Here's an interview Joshua did with Ricado.

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I thought Hoodie's Code of Conduct was a good example too.

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Services may have worked if it had actually made all employees directors (actually, owners). I think that it didn't was its downfall.

@Alanna dug # SSB Code of conduct discussion I've been meaning to start this discussio
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Are the channels in any particular order? I put in # and see what appears to be a random list. Date of creation maybe? Recent activity?

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The 10% is made up of 5% for hosting the software and 5% for hosting the legal entity/bank account. You can also self-host either of those (run an instance of the Open Collective software on your own server, hooked up to your own entity/bank account), in which case you pay 0%. I explain how this works in more detail in the second half of this article.

@Alanna dug We are currently building an worker cooperative for IT solutions in Germany