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@Mikey voted ## Part 2 This may sound obvious, but it's useful emphasizing: on the grad
@Mikey voted This is a good thread, and I've also been thinking about monetization (or t
@Mikey voted [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) It's up
@Mikey voted # The Dream Economy economics is a study of how people respond to incentiv
Re: %WQECX0mpM

from a convo with @mixxx, knowing your rants is a good defense against being triggered and inflicting a rant on someone. related to the #stoicism practice: "respond not react".

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@Mikey voted I just discovered Damper last weekend at the enspiral retreat. #toomuchpati
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Re: %yHiUEThY/

congrats! :running: :sparkles:

i'm envious, i got up to doing 8-12km runs once every few days in South Summer, but lost track after an especially manic week and now am only doing a 5-8km once per most weeks.

i appreciate your philosophy of "exercise must be non-negotiatiable", as in you do it every fucking day otherwise you'll be like "yeah nah, not today". my mom has been espousing the same philosophy for at least a decade meow. :heart:

@Mikey voted I've been streak running for 1000 days now, minimum of 2km a day, but most
@Mikey voted ## My vision for MMMMM Some of you may have noticed in the [dev diary](%b6
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@Mikey voted My dolphin friends came again! Normally they come and play when I'm sailing
@Mikey voted I can't come tomorrow night, or if I can, it won't be until quite late! But
@Mikey voted I start working on feeding Wikipedia into dat archives. I started HTML-only
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Re: %gI8goB5F6

dat and ipfs are also very good projects, but if we became a way that lots of dats are shared, then it would pull the dat and ssb communities together and I think that would be a very good thing.


@Mikey voted [@ev](@8Qee0I/DwI5DHSCi3p5fsl6FyLGArrnDz3ox9qZr5Qc=.ed25519) I'm thinking a
@Mikey voted I bring news: ![mmmmm-2017-07-19.jpg](&gkGwOpvChMG4JEpIrOmJ7J6f7Eu98exukEZ
@Mikey voted gonna sail back to Te Ika A Maui today (aka, "North Island") I made a javas
@Mikey voted Yeah, my plan with #ferment was to fill the soundcloud hole without requiri
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Re: %VStrS5HvT

@Marak why not a social network for music? i pay a provider for a server to seed my favorite music for my followers. if you want to stream the latest hip tunes, make some friends! this way the business is clear ("provide an easy interface for cloud infrastructure running p2p music sharing software") and users directly control their role in the p2p data ecosystem.

see also @paul's recent blog post: In response to “Is Decentralized Storage Sustainable?”.

@Mikey voted wow. [@customdesigned](@iOyfRmje5LFAErH7M3faTLNMQUTXCnjECbLtniVJ478=.ed2551
@Mikey voted standards people are working on a new proposal for block storage: * https:/
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Re: %b6nlgiAu3

from the latest Patchwork (which i'm enjoying most):

Public / Private / More --- Profile / Mentions


where More has

  • Channels
  • Gatherings
  • Extended Network


@Mikey voted Today I got all the pieces in place, to start actually building the app: I
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@Mikey voted ahoy scuttlers, **name your favourite threads** on ssb. I've been posting
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Re: %w3zCLa4nN

Reissued this week after being unavailable for nearly 20 years, Inside A Quiet Mind remains a cultural taonga, a musical time capsule that sends the listener hurtling straight back to the earliest flowerings of the New Zealand rave scene.

When it first came out I thought 'this is amazing! What will this guy make next?'

Answer: Nothing. Within a year of releasing the record, McCarthy had sworn off synthesisers and exchanged techno for chanting, rave culture for root vegetable curries.


/credit @simon

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inside a quiet mind (album)

by a humble young Maori dude from Tokoroa, Denver McCarthy, who recorded it under the name Micronism


#minimal #techno


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Re: %gf74oufBM

@christianbundy for more context, this is Moonshine Valley, which is in the rural region surrounding the more dense urban Te Aro city center i usually spend time in. yes, the grasslands are usually maintained for sheep or cows, also lifestyle blocks are very common.

@Mikey voted thanks all. :heart: I recently removed Twitter from my life due to it's o
@Mikey voted @substack: "Standard" carries way too much weight in our vocabulary. I sho
@Mikey voted I had a random bike crash today. I went down to the local bike shop to pick
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Re: %CdudDMC/+

@ben 3 mins i believe the discount is for Enspiral Dev Academy, basically that we're next-door neighbors. i'm often too non-confrontational to ask for the discount. :sweat_smile:

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@Mikey voted Theorizing this, or getting lost in implementation details---how you struct
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Re: %nxl8TA/GA

hey @PrototypeAlex, welcome to the butt succulent! :cat:

many thanks for your contributions to the JavaScript community here in Wellington and New Zealand. :heart:

@Mikey voted Hi [@Axel](@ptoz0xO3TK+DVqPd7CquvPuV7Ic6bEYWs8vRAIH1QAk=.ed25519) ! Alex is
@Mikey voted Hello world 👋🏽
@Mikey voted [@dangerousbeans](@TXKFQehlyoSn8UJAIVP/k2BjFINC591MlBC2e2d24mA=.ed25519) yu
@Mikey voted # Perspectives That is what I'm calling my idea for mutable documents. I
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over the weekend went on a hike from @Pete's family farm outside #wellington #new-zealand.

the expedition was led by Nat (@Sarah's child), who took us through a river, into heavy bush (forest), and up to the top of a nearby hill. the weather was warm(ish) and sunny, after there was an intense storm for the week prior. (no sun, icy rain, and heavy wind).

#selfie up on the hill, with Nat behind herding some local sheep.


panoramic view of the Wellington region from outside. you could even see the South Island in the distance, but not sure it shows up on my phone camera.


@Mikey voted i got a usb keyboard at a local flea market / farmers market. the setup is
@Mikey voted Forking from [@Marak](@5ovtEaQsrXYU13+02SIq7ny2milWoKusk5+CFI+twfs=.ed25519
@Mikey voted today I hiked up Mt Hobson, highest point on Great Barrier Island. Barrier
@Mikey voted # Those who build the house are built by the house I found myself looking
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Re: %ZdkD1w8sh

I think it will probably be a thing we talk about if we talk more often. So I'm proposing we get together and share some experience. If we can talk with each other and do some things and maybe even eventually agree some things to dig into, then I reckon we're on a good road towards tackling harder stuff like taxing ourselves to pay for protocols + infrastructure :heart:

as a more clear ask, what if we start with a monthly or quarterly online gathering to have a high-bandwidth connection on a recurring basis?

the structure might be something like:

  1. personal check-ins ("how are you feeling, what have you been up to lately?")
  2. cooperative check-ins ("how is your group feeling, what have you been up to lately?"
  3. add and prioritize discussion topics ("what do we want to get out of this meeting?")
  4. discuss topics and as necessary create clear action items assigned to specific people ("who is going to work on what after this meeting and before the next?")
  5. check-out ("how was this meeting for you?")

as @mixxx, we're already doing monthly meetings like this between #root-systems, #protozoa, and #golden-pandas. this gathering makes sense as a local gathering for cooperatives here in Wellington, but keen to connect on a more international level with more remote cooperatives.

@Mikey voted btw, we are sick of Lord of the Rings tourists, but I think people would li
@Mikey voted [@dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) the condi
@Mikey voted [@substack](@9nTgtYmvW4HID6ayt6Icwc8WZxdifx5SlSKKIX/X/1g=.ed25519) this is
@Mikey voted [@juno](@keziY6hAwqoxSiucSD2V0XnMaJNVgdz8a+fqtcJ1TgE=.ed25519): I know of s
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Re: %SYsZ2U16F

hey @charlieeeeeeeeee, welcome to the butt scuttle! :heart:

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@Mikey voted Hello everyone! I'm super happy to see that Patchwork is so accessible and
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Re: %ZdkD1w8sh

@substack keen for a tech workers' guild!

reminds me of the language used to describe the late Enspiral Craftworks here.

what would be necessary to draft a minimum viable agreement across #bits-coop, #root-systems, #protozoa, #TABLEFLIP, and any other interested tech workers' cooperatives?

@Mikey voted # standard rates and conditions One thing I don't like doing on contracts
@Mikey voted I think that (1) could be a good pattern. I was thinking about this with Fe
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Re: %aN0VDFB0K

(2) feels like a general permissions problem not specific to git-ssb, so i'd rather we handle that with a more general fractal indentity permission / capability solution. might be as simple as a new about message property like owners.

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Re: %Ik+LwdwAo

image source

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  "type": "gathering"
@Mikey voted ### The fight to finish Faceism In the beginning the Internet was open. It
@Mikey voted Thanks [@dinosaur](@6ilZq3kN0F+dXFHAPjAwMm87JEb/VdB+LC9eIMW3sa0=.ed25519)!
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Re: %HdwzxitFC

hey @zitelli, welcome! how did you find us?

@Mikey voted ## TODO: visit every populated island in NZ |English name|Māori name|km2|P
@Mikey voted [@signal9](@l46t7D+90dV8nf7FvKmA6Ro998Qf1Nx6KUypqEvDEBY=.ed25519) [@nanomon
@Mikey voted For fun, I added support for some protocols in [Dillo][]. - [dillo-git][]:
@Mikey voted # Proposal: Multi-pub invite Here's another proposal for improved invite f
@Mikey voted ## IT FREAKING WORKS I don't know how else to say this: it works!!! Basic
@Mikey voted Here we go: - Create a new React Native project (android-only) - npm insta
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Re: %VStrS5HvT


@Mikey voted Greetings [@Matt](@FbGoHeEcePDG3Evemrc+hm+S77cXKf8BRQgkYinJggg=.ed25519). R
@Mikey voted [@Vatyx](@TvFFzgVAm/pfYKiSUS0ze1DVD5tE0+q7FeUQnkXInHg=.ed25519) you should
@Mikey voted Just throwing out some quick responses to things I've seen in the reddit th
@Mikey voted I understand [@dinosaur](@6ilZq3kN0F+dXFHAPjAwMm87JEb/VdB+LC9eIMW3sa0=.ed25
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Re: %VStrS5HvT

Someone is now interested in helping fund the project with possible financial support or bandwidth. I'm reaching out to them now for more details.

worth mentioning the opportunity here for "pub-as-a-service": %v85QBOg.... basically https://hashbase.io/ for Scuttlebutt, where we provide a paid subscription service for cloud-hosted highly-available peers with painless configuration. while it doesn't compare to decentralized purity, in comparison to a SoundCloud subscription, this makes even more sense!

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Re: %VStrS5HvT

Anyone know how to answer this: How do you plan on prioritizing high-demand music while still allowing the unknown music to be heard?

we can support the "long tail" with more eager gossip: sharing files that you have ever liked, not just pop hits or your most recent favorites. @Dominic has brought this up before, see "long tail" search.

@Mikey voted Check out git-ssb-web. Each repository has an issue tracker, like github.
@Mikey voted I was having a huge deja vu feeling about this thread, and then I saw the '
@Mikey voted I read these on a nightly basis: - The Three Little Pigs - The Ugly Duckli
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@Mikey voted Good to see you as well [@dinosaur](@6ilZq3kN0F+dXFHAPjAwMm87JEb/VdB+LC9eIM
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Re: %VStrS5HvT

hey @Marak, great to see you here, appreciate the energy! :cat:

@Mikey voted Seems to be getting some upvotes on /r/electronic music. This is kinda a ne
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@Mikey voted Will it be possible to provide a web interface that will allows users to st
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