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@andrestaltz :thumbsup:

@黑客 dug :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: in #ssbc
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@kas 𐇑 is from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phaistos_Disc

@黑客 dug [New robots on the Moon!](http://www.physics-astronomy.com/2017/05/china-re in #shakes
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:thumbsup: for dark crystal reference

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@黑客 dug LiFePO4 always reads like leet speak for *Life Power*, then I think of skek in #solar
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@Travis :thumbsup:

@黑客 dug "highly available scuttlebutt cache" actually acronymizes well to: hasc. To in #new-people
@黑客 dug Trying to implement some of the basic SSB functionality in Python. in #python
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Maybe we could have an indicator on a message that says "there are x sub-replies to this message" and when you click it, it shifts the view to that message thread.

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Re: %XeFGcZ9kh

Although at some point just replying to the main thread, especially if a long thread, causes messages to get lost in the noise and there's no real way to see who is replying to what.

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what is price of using Facebook?

your soul

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I have to nuke node_modules and restart the app often.

This is why I'll never be a javascript dev :P

@黑客 dug Cool idea! I like it. The more the user is in control, the better. The pros in #patchfoo
@黑客 dug i am implementing some git features in patchfoo ( %JuiD3BcRzsGSZ0Wy5LVJvRX3 in #patchfoo
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@Howard Klein I unfollowed all pubs. There is no need to follow pubs. You just need at least one that follows you. I'm tempted to say that we shouldn't follow pubs back on invite and instead have a list of "suggested users" maybe. Although that is a bit "centralizing", I think it might be better than blindly foafing everyone on the pub.

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glueing this back in %33csqMb...

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I think we need two buttons. Reply and Fork. Fork does what Reply does now. Then the new Reply will just scroll to the input box and auto insert username of the person they are replying to.

That's how I'm going to be using patchbay in practice from now on.

@黑客 dug or in `~/.ssb/config`
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Re: %6sMcLKZLU

I personally think we made a mistake calling them "pubs". People do't hang out there. There is no "community", they simply relay messages to the network. Now everyone thinks pubs are some sort of centralized mechanism. And we even give lip service to that idea in passing.

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sudo npm install -g git-ssb

then you can use git with them

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Re: %lAbc/2Kz2

I guess I can just change one line in sbot myself...


If the network big enough where we can set default foaf depth to 2 instead of 3? I'm tired of downloading ya'll data I don't even know :P

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@Demonic Replying to the whole thread when you're responding to a single message violates any sense of etiquette

@黑客 dug [@kodo](@D26sJ/Seyc4WBcpZDi4PYcqEg+2nUb7WoTQg9NknDyg=.ed25519) what happens in #patchcore
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Why is it always my posts that break? :P

Re: %vNYYLGw2S

@gb I'm a mutt. mostly german & scottish plus whatever I don't know about.

Re: %vNYYLGw2S

@gb %fCy4Llm...

@黑客 dug very cool! i've led several product teams (often startups, so i wore mult
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Re: %nRcz4Hf1W

Screenshot from 2017-05-23 16-32-59.png

@黑客 dug Is the author of this article on ssb? in #counterantidisintermediationism
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Re: %3mN4JQXtE

thanks for ssb link. I think we should be archiving as much external content here as possible imho

@黑客 dug That closing quote is killer! > In an age awash with venture capitalists a in #counterantidisintermediationism
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I started learning chinese recently. I figured I would get a head start on the rest of you :P

@黑客 dug [@piet](@U5GvOKP/YUza9k53DSXxT0mk3PIrnyAmessvNfZl5E0=.ed25519) awesome, tha in #offgrid
Re: %8L/hnQ6tu

@ev is that i3wm?

App is looking good. it's like mastodon for ssb heh

Re: %vNYYLGw2S

Why didn 't this link?
Trying again..



@gb Just out of curiosity, do you have some persian ancestry? You remind me a lot of my persian friends, especially around the eyes.

@黑客 dug A lot of the development discussion seems to have drifted back to github, I
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Your friends are the network.

@黑客 dug #TIL Vampire bats use modified capsaicin (chili pepper) receptors in their
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@黑客 dug also instead of doing ``` { "flag1": true, "flag2": false, "flag3": t in #flume
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@黑客 dug One of them may involve LEDs... as any good project should. :) ![IMG_7738.
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@kseistrup INTP checking in

@黑客 dug I mostly drink tea now, but I have alternating phases in which I mostly dri in #coffee
@黑客 dug Haha. Those chocolate coins have 4 of the 5 properties of money, but they in #ethereum
@黑客 dug Yuma Asami on SSB? Hot damn, this place is becoming popular culture much fa

Stoked to see multiple languages starting to show up on here. The internet is too anglocentric.

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Pubs don't really do anything special, they are just another person on the network as far as software is concerned. They only exist to connect people who are behind routers that block incoming connections

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@黑客 dug obviously dick pics [go down in the DM's](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y in #bepis
@黑客 dug i think mobile is a really important market for #p2p to penetrate. the comp
@黑客 dug For everyone based in Geneva. ![800px-Views_of_Geneva.jpg](&jShwckJsMfRnSQ in #geneva
@黑客 dug Photos from the recent trip to ATX: ![IMG_0500.JPG](&/hUHlNqW9P80C8jqTVb

@nanomonkey LOL nice

@黑客 dug He still seems to think it's a good [alternative to facebook ](https://news
@黑客 dug Whenever I see the word "marketplace" I cringe. It's especially bad at airp in #resistcapitalism
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@substack %2ll55V6...

@黑客 dug Every centralized platform that doesn't collapse under the sheer weight of in #resistcapitalism
@黑客 dug knowledge work is safe because information is the currency of the modern er
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@黑客 dug I'm playing around with #ZeroNet. Still very confused....
@黑客 dug > Speaking of, when I'm finished, unfollowing someone will mean your local in #flume
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I think this is what everyone expected?

I thought that was the whole point? heh

@黑客 dug The flume stuff is getting _very_ close to all being merged. I've been usi in #flume
@黑客 dug ## who to replicate? I'm looking at getting the replication integration te in #scuttlebutt
Re: %awEKPo1hq


@黑客 dug ## out of order messages I had a simple idea of how to implement out-of-or

@Demonic Tried to onboard friend, he was being "purist" and refusing to just run patchwork. He ran into https://github.com/ssbc/scuttlebot/issues/404 and was frustrated

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Because I named you Arnold :)

@黑客 dug Last days in Thailand. We spent 7 months in Asia. 2 months in Taipei, meeti in #traveling
@黑客 dug Urban [#art](#art) in [#Helsingborg](#helsingborg), [#Sweden](#sweden): ![ in #sweden
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@黑客 dug First time posting to scuttlebut at 36,983 feet. ✈️
@黑客 dug People come to Erlang/Elixir for its concurrency and predictable latencies, in #elixir
Re: %8VnA9aius

you couldn't get an accurate click-through metrics.

Unless you built a client that tracked clicks :P