@Toady dug I agree soooo wholeheartedly with your sentiments, [@ev](@8Qee0I/DwI5DHSCi3
@Toady dug [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) nice
@Toady dug > The original Great Wall didn't keep the Mongels out either. While it cou
@Toady dug Deep in database hell... Actually reading the chrome indexeddb C++ source c
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Re: %w3zCLa4nN

very nice stuff!

If I get to play another open air this season, this will definitely be on the menu... :)

@Toady dug # inside a quiet mind (album) > by a humble young Maori dude from Tokoroa,
@Toady dug [@signal9](@l46t7D+90dV8nf7FvKmA6Ro998Qf1Nx6KUypqEvDEBY=.ed25519) [@nanomon
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Re: %b6nlgiAu3

Lots of congrats, Andre!

@Toady sent a private message
@Toady sent a private message

the annoyances of devops....

looks like the certificates for viewer.ssb and my git.ssb instance weren't renewed in time..

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@Toady voted Game Design The Medium is the Message https://youtu.be/AxFzf6yIfcc?t=33 t
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Re: %VStrS5HvT

fwiw i'm still game for replacing webtorrent with ssb-blobs.

i'm still more than fond of the idea and would love to help hacking.
it's just that i have no capacity to take on the maintainer/lead role. that might change around september, though.. ;)

@Toady voted [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) I think t
@Toady voted [@mix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) I think havin
@Toady voted Will it be possible to provide a web interface that will allows users to st
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@Toady voted I'm really sad about this. I know I totally called this a year ago with my
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Re: %5L/MusfD5

Sooo here is my blast from the past-ish collection:

  • the against-consensus series: 1 2 3 4 5.. it captures the spirit of what ssb is about so well.
  • stuff from the #identity and #resist(-)capitalism channel, like Neurons Gone Wild
  • a techsavy audience might be drawn into ssb by our wikis discussion..

I could go on and on but want to finish with this one from the #cybernetics channel.

@Toady voted BTW [@gb](@ya/sq19NPxRza5xtoqi9BilwLZ7HgQjG3QpcTRnGgWs=.ed25519) sorry abou
@Toady voted My entrance in [this circus in Toronto](https://zgcircus.com/) was as a mus


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Re: %5L/MusfD5

I remember @dust wow-ing me on a regular basis. I'll dig some up later tonight.

@Toady voted ahoy scuttlers, **name your favourite threads** on ssb. I've been posting
@Toady voted ![20170712_151042.jpg](&HbwK32/C9MsCpCFWkG+1UtBbpu+9oTI4RmRT9auykHY=.sha256
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Re: %9lBDLWpkN

Very nice series of posts! I'd like to add secure secure shell, which goes into improving the crypto defaults, mainly disabling weak/questionable ciphers.


feels like ages since I dropped off here... let's see what I missed.

@Toady in #crypto

I would have liked to prepare more questions but right now I just wanted to share this:

@Toady dug It's tricky, but I think it helps to reframe how I'm looking at the tasks t
@Toady dug Sometimes I forget why I'm building a thing. When that happens, my energy l
@Toady dug i follow my butt, i mean my gut. i do whatever i feel compelled to do. som
@Toady dug Current status: trying to compile `node-sodium` for iOS. Managed to compile
Re: %OsJvtzq0j

Depending on the severeness of the underlying annoyance, I found that self-serving tinkering leads to more annoyance if it doesn't work out as fast or good as I hoped/expected.

right and important, while giving me the bored ugh beforehand, leads to a happier buzz afterwards because it's not on the big pile of waiting stuff anymore.

@Toady voted [@regular](@nti4TWBH/WNZnfwEoSleF3bgagd63Z5yeEnmFIyq0KA=.ed25519), I unders
@Toady voted To me it almost feels like the 1980s, when I first logged into a big BBS (2
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Re: %fuIIizj5f

I still do plan to write the spec, but I need to read on v8 and intricacies of utf16 surrogate glyph substitution, and especially document the exact way floats are serialized into json (v8 does so roughly in 4kloc). For the spec to be correct (ie document what all the baked in js semantics do in reality).

@ezdiy: That sounds like a nightmare task... Maybe I misunderstood but you outlined a way that sounded simpler than this on github once.

@Toady dug > is there a recording available or was it live only? it's now available f
@Toady voted nice, I didn't know about that, thanks [@VictorBjelkholm](@nKxqZATOJ5UHfwWX
@Toady voted [@dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) /ipfs/Qm
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@Toady voted # New messages for editing existing posts With the new ssb-about plugin, i
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Re: %KvMVtE6n9

I fear I know the answer to this but is there a recording available or was it live only?

@Toady voted # flume is merged and scuttlebot@10.0.0 is published :boom:
@Toady voted i'm using the latest [`patchwork@flume`](https://github.com/ssbc/patchwork/
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Re: %R+YtgIH9i

Nice! Flume feels really snappy!

This also stops the miserable slowdown that can happen after the entire db accidentally gets cached


Thanks a zetaton to all of you!

@Toady voted i'm using the latest [`patchwork@flume`](https://github.com/ssbc/patchwork/
@Toady voted Sounds cool AND sounds like scope creep [@matt](@FbGoHeEcePDG3Evemrc+hm+S77
@Toady voted thanks to @mmckegg's work on sbot plugins, patchfoo is now able to integrat
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Re: %r4UlAs8Pi

Having played it now, your fears are correct. It's more of an expansion then a new iteration. More of the (good) same.

@Toady dug There are a few efforts under way to reimplement ssb or parts of it in prog
@Toady dug So, if we're talking about transition mechanisms, all that could be done *n
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Re: %18LXeE4r6

These are perfectly valid questions!!

Can only answer the req of the top of my head. Since both sides can initiate calls, you use the -1 to signal replies.

@Toady dug ### Changes to technical details The evil twin of [@dinosaur](@6ilZq3kN0F+
@Toady dug There are a few efforts under way to reimplement ssb or parts of it in prog
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Re: %jWQtuPKPB

That sounded harsh... it's a good suggestion! We should make a future features list or issue.

@Toady in #patchwork
Re: %jWQtuPKPB

i get your point. It's just that in it's current state every customization involves command or editing .ssb/config.

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Re: %jWQtuPKPB

I think you don't need support in ssb for this. Linux should be able to Cover you using Filesystem links like this: ln -s /mnt/removable/ssb $HOME/.ssb

@Toady dug Alright, [gitmx.com](http://gitmx.com) is back up!
@Toady changed something in about
@Toady voted i recommend to also keep `gossip.json` (so you don't have to manually conne
Re: %Iv8phXi0S

backing up ~/.ssb/secret and then rm -rf ~/.ssb would have been a better strategy?

yup, that's how I do it if I'm in doubt about my local state. :)

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Re: %3pKBz215w

All it's data is stored under $HOME/.ssb.
Also check out %Ayi7UUb... for a more detailed explanation of what is in there.

Re: %Iv8phXi0S

Is there potential for a netsplit-like situation, where two clusters that are weakly linked can have different ideas about reality and keep diverging?

This potential rises when you break ssb's (current) golden rule of having your .ssb/secret on multiple devices at the same time. If you create new messages on each of them and manage to get msg_a to pub_a and msg_b to pub_b you broke replication of your feed for good, since ssb doesn't do any merging.

I didn't follow your incident/post-mortem closely but it sounds like you installed ssb, made some posts that got out, ran into problems, wiped .ssb but kept the secret and tried again. In a sense having two virtual devices. Re-using the secret would have been fine if you synced to the old state first.

Hope this compressed explanation made some sense.

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Re: %5ZIsdDwy1

oh.. My brain somehow trimed the Handbook of ... from the OP and thought it meant the Schneier book. Titles.....

also spoiler alert: NaCL/sodium/... is designed with usability in mind. Meaning making it difficult for the writer of the software to build broken things, like using AES but constructing the the block chains wrong or not understanding IVs fully, leading to cryptoanalyis attacks.

that beeing said, if you really want to understand how these constructions work and why they are solid, I'm not sure traveling back through time (meaning starting from todays standards and seeing how they are built) is the best way. Understanding RSA and it's concepts and than going to ECC might be less convoluted. ECC uses similar prinicples but on a different number field IIRC.

@Toady voted @cryptix hanging may happen if git-ssb-web is run standalone (not as a plug
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Re: %Xb5Stw8Ji

what would you imagine the landing page showing instead?

I'm fine with what it displays but thought about a paginated version instead.
Would make it cachable and only return data when the daemon finishes getting it's data (no stalling).

Good to know on the lost connection thing. I guess i'll add a loop/cronjob to restart mine until it's fixed.

@Toady voted [@johnny](@dnr1swLSAgf36g+FzGjNLgmytj2IIyDaYeKZ7F5GdzY=.ed25519) that is a
@Toady voted i had a configuration problem with git-ssb-web on my server. it should be o
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Re: %Xb5Stw8Ji

i wish i've seen this before posting %GOS5CqQ... ...

speaking of non-local hosting: do you think the streaming/live nature of the landing page is the right approach? most of the time it just stalls with no indication if i should wait or not.

@Toady voted # cooperation vs competition here's some ramblings i want to write down:
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Re: %ffw0slfdK

This...! Speaking of: we should maybe improve the hosting quallity of git.scuttlebot.io. It hangs most of the time I try it. :-X

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Re: %r4UlAs8Pi

Fearing that this would also be true for the 2nd, I only played a couple of levels yet. I have some treveling ahead of me today. Will see how long the new one is afterwards.

@Toady in #games
Re: %r4UlAs8Pi

I agree, the first one was short. Though I was pumped about it back then and played it in one quick rush.

@Toady dug I played the first one. It was well designed, and had some lovely mechanics
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Re: %5ZIsdDwy1

hrm.. the math roughly depends on which age and kind of crypto you want to learn.
Also not sure if teaching publications caught up to modern stuff like epliptic curves already.
Quite sure they havn't caught up to post-quantum stuff, since good/best practices are still heavily debated.

Also you should think about if you want to learn how to build constructions (primitives like RSA or AES), use them (i don't care about the inner workings of this black box, just tell me how to chain my bytes into them (i.e. pick AES with a certain block mode)) or analyze them (what is the weakness of this specific construction). All of these are pretty wide fields.
I hear the Schneier book is really good to understand does and don'ts for users of existing constructions but that might not be what you are after...

non-paper resource-suggestion-wise, I'd really suggest wikipedia since it offers the most fine grained access to this rabbit-hole.
It will also be hard to follow but you can choose your own path. That whipped up with some talks that offer head-dives into topics. Might not be your style but I like beeing flushed with new ideas and later pick up questions that stuck. The evolution of TLS and it's faults might be an intersting lantern for your journey.

Paging my fellow cypherwizard @keks for further suggestions.

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Re: %18LXeE4r6

thanks for this! I'm with andre, the more the marryer!

not much to add to what @mikey outlined but if you are like me and like to learn from other implementations, you can have a look into go-muxrpc. Might clean up some brainfog (or add it YMMV ;)). the codec just manages which stream belongs to which rpc call.

once you have that layer, you will see that what the $ sbot .. cli offers you is also what the sbot peers use to replicate with each other.


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@Toady voted "Text is the most socially useful communication technology. It works well i
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Re: %iGOLfpJRp

project idea for anyone to pick up: mirror/replicate what gmane.org does but decentral to something sane like dat or ipfs.
I thought about piping it into ssb but it would add to many messages that nobody want's to see, I think.

re personal mail: yeah... just burn the old stack, really.

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@Toady voted ![260.png](&TpIS9afRG+qm+8nEjFOCLuku+lQd+dmSpCx006Rt8bo=.sha256)
@Toady voted ## sbot on Debian inside a Linux container hosted by Android on a Nexus 5 #
@Toady voted Use JPEG EXIF data to rotate image blobs I noticed some rotated images on
@Toady voted ## tracking realtime state We have quite a few cases where there is some s
@Toady voted ![anthroponics.jpg](&+MKpnApxS7wTCHUdrqQi+hRMIzRhPalgrIpBNqTHOQM=.sha256)
@Toady voted nice read, much recommend :smiley_cat: re-posting the helpful summary imag
@Toady voted # Two maps I use when I’m working with groups Using Ken Wilber’s ‘Quadrant
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Re: %r4UlAs8Pi

It's a thoughtfull puzzler and comes with a kind and loving story line.


Also you get to twist and turn the space around you and walk on walls.


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Re: %r4UlAs8Pi
@Toady in #games

If you like Escher's space bending works and are privileged with an iOS device, I urge you to check out Monument Valley (2).

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@Toady dug Alright! All the upstreaming paid off! You can now `npm install scuttlebot`
@Toady dug ## Bitcoin → Debitcard? Hey guys, Are there any reliable card issuers whe
Re: %3U6ofqJwa

I'm really _wow_ed by the will power from you guise to do this in C. Big cypher-hats off!

i would target just the minimum needed for replication, and then run scuttlebot locally with the minimal node as its only peer

that is a really good short/medium-term solution!!

similarly to a Bitcoin SPV node

Yes! i Always thought about liteclients like this.

how do you test this stuff?

Have to mull over that one some more but assuming we stick with muxrpc I'd guess black-box-ish? Similary to the test-vectors for shs we could just spec some alice and bob feeds. The test program would then just be a muxrpc client running static queries with expected results.

@Toady dug Somewhat related: I wrote an implementation of the shs handshake in C (with
@Toady dug [@cryptix](@p13zSAiOpguI9nsawkGijsnMfWmFd5rlUNpzekEE+vI=.ed25519) [minsbot
@Toady dug @Aljoscha nice! very readable. @cryptix i would like to make a scuttlebot