@ansuz voted ## Mr. Avocado ..has grown a root! ![avacado.jpg](&tao/TKBpbIGIMdl0VgT+rq
@ansuz voted today pigeons ate all my seedlings on the roof, grrrrh, I want to eat sqaub
@ansuz voted more content more content more content more content more content more conte
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Re: %4dDpJdJlz

players are our citizens. It's more fun if more people are playing, there are two challenges here - get more people to play, and enable more people to play.

how would I start playing (assuming I was into that kind of thing)?

@ansuz voted @ansuz i think we need to know what the ipfs ids are for those hosts. when
@ansuz voted Contemplating this quote today, > "Great minds discuss ideas; average mind
@ansuz voted # Gencon Diary ![bags.jpg](&Bm8bHrrEyjXCSFSHc+THK4tgUM0HkgkunaFqgUo5+CU=.s
Re: %Mvouag/A+
ansuz@box:~$ host h.ipfs.io
h.ipfs.io has IPv6 address fc8f:dcbf:74b9:b3b9:5305:7816:89ac:53f3
h.ipfs.io has IPv6 address fc15:e5a1:3c3:4262:d27a:9435:10ff:2e7a
@ansuz voted [Vietnam's Low-tech Food System Takes Advantage of Decay](http://www.lowtec
@ansuz voted Garlic and butter is like a cheat code for food Speaking of which, roasti
@ansuz voted this
Re: %wvBWjpjy2


@ansuz voted # accidentally delicious I am a intuitive cook because I enjoy exploring s
@ansuz voted « The working relationships, the religion and the life style changed quickl
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Re: %dXbJitCkt

The fence makes it a little safer to observe the game without getting hit by a ball.

It can still take a high arc and land on your head, but that's less probable than a fast ball on a low angle.

@ansuz voted Probably not. I'd have been banned long ago.
Re: %wvBWjpjy2

I thought you were against censorship?

@ansuz voted ![cup0.jpg](&kUKzPiCXDSlH2i5WVa6CtFyMG4aQFMlCPdJyVlvSpKw=.sha256) ![cup2.j
@ansuz voted Here ya go then, [@nanomonkey](@+D0ku/LReK6kqd3PSrcVCfbLYbDtTmS4Bd21rqhpYNA
@ansuz voted Marina got a truckload full of cinders mixed with soil last week and we've
@ansuz voted ![marina-truck-dirt.jpg](&q2mTT2z4Um2Slv6BjltPw9PA5Z7fhIvLbPVODptItXI=.sha2
@ansuz voted I'd also like to point out how high tech this is. This is a _plastic_ bucke
@ansuz voted due to people now harassing me on matrix chat i've made a new account and i
@ansuz voted After a 24 hour long journey I finally made it to Shanghai. I was welcomed
@ansuz voted well, the goal is obviously to get everyone on earth to play and then build
@ansuz voted this isn't delgational voting, I'm not into that. I'm proposing straight up
@ansuz voted [@mix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) **2 Schmecles
@ansuz voted [@dangerousbeans](@TXKFQehlyoSn8UJAIVP/k2BjFINC591MlBC2e2d24mA=.ed25519) I
@ansuz voted ![dolores2.jpg](&S0jzduHS5mMKxjQ85QVjdwQ3HPRtQacaoy87BAiDOOQ=.sha256) **S
@ansuz voted >I'm wondering what the exchange rate is for Schmecles/Bitcoin... [Accordi
@ansuz voted lmao
@ansuz voted hey [@customdesigned](@iOyfRmje5LFAErH7M3faTLNMQUTXCnjECbLtniVJ478=.ed25519
@ansuz voted > i don't consider, nor would I think any sane person consider, removing ge
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@ansuz voted Yeah, the argument here could be phrased as: If the car's veering off to t
@ansuz voted oh fuck, this game feels like [#enspiral](#enspiral) , but with fucking mad
@ansuz voted I will sell my vote for `schmecles`
Re: %cunFwTIGN

I'm still in France. I'll definitely make some noise if I'm planning to swing through the valley. It seems like there would be no shortage of people to hang out with.

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What New York Subway Stations Actually Look Like

Subway stations’ complex tunnel systems are a mystery even to most regular riders. Architect Candy Chan’s new X-ray maps demystify the paths in and around them.

@ansuz voted ## Cishuman After seeing the term "cis" all the time in gender politics co
@ansuz voted I went traveling to beautiful Geneva Lake (the body of water), and Lake Gen
@ansuz voted I believe that opening the firewall just lets people connect in to you, ess
@ansuz voted Here's the #ethereum project I have been working on, [Macroverse](http://ma
@ansuz voted Today my cousin helped me get permission to visit the [SENA institute](http
Re: %cunFwTIGN

Enjoy your adventure!

@ansuz voted [@gb](@ya/sq19NPxRza5xtoqi9BilwLZ7HgQjG3QpcTRnGgWs=.ed25519) and I have lan
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Re: %WVKvgvJC0


@ansuz voted @ansuz You can find the slides on the oldweb too: https://github.com/ahdino
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Re: %YRhFXmsAw

and apparently I still have no idea how to properly thread comments

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Re: %YRhFXmsAw

You can always say "LOL fuck off" for a slightly different effect.

You're perceived as slightly less serious, while still setting a boundary.

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Re: %WVKvgvJC0

I haven't been able to fetch the blobs to view the slides :(

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@ansuz voted [@ktorn](@z8aJVHJTc6MM8FwaNE2GIS3AYYt2HYFNWQUO8/iydNw=.ed25519) I agree tha
@ansuz voted I would love this so v. much. My partner is incredibly down with scuttlebu
@ansuz voted I am in Montreal often for work and am v. fond of it-- let me know if you'd
@ansuz voted +1 boundaries being strongly interlinked with community. I don't really wa
@ansuz voted [@howard klein](@A5FqepWjS76C4Hw9idZUyW0T6QgJOjsbQHlIP0A4yu8=.ed25519) this
@ansuz voted [@dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) I am not
@ansuz voted I've been really looking forward to this talk, @mikey. I just read the slid
@ansuz voted [@mixxx](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) yes. hopefu
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Re: %24ahNyZ/+

Are there any guidelines for acceptable behaviour regarding post sizes?

As with most things in the scuttleverse, it's subjective. I believe there's an opinion baked into the software about maximum blob size. I think it was 5MB, but I could be totally wrong.

it doesn't display inline here anyway

I believe the decision about how to display the blob is up to the client. So if some people feel a major need for this, there might be reason to make a client that focuses more on rich media.

@ansuz voted Fuck off.
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Re: %gAWv96urv

tell us how you really feel tho

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Re: %w86b/W3DJ

@Dominic, do you follow a lot of Canadian news, or do I just notice the Canadian links more? Maybe both?

@ansuz voted [@Junior](@M4kHWk73CDygYDOMMfnvdX7iwdY83TgKRIOtcd3pVmA=.ed25519) ah I see,
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Re: %24ahNyZ/+

as a non-programmer all the crypto stuff goes over my head/is not very interesting for me

as a programmer who works with crypto every day, it usually isn't very interesting for me either.

I like reading people's recipes, learning about their hobbies, and seeing photos and descriptions of people's lives and surroundings.

When I was on facebook, it seemed like everyone was exaggerating to show off how awesome their life was.
Things here seem more honest, though I don't think that necessarily has anything to do with the platform.

Regarding support for images, I'm pretty conservative about the size of the files I post, because I know a lot of people on here get by on minimal network connections. I used to dump massive photo albums to facebook just because they were a corporation that would host any junk I sent them.

To me it feels like this leads to a better signal/noise ratio, but again, that depends highly on the network's culture at the moment. Contrarily, how I felt about facebook at the time was certainly shaped by the behaviours of the people that populated my feed. I do like that there are no ads, though.

@ansuz voted Section hiked the centre of the [fundy footpath](http://fundytrailparkway.c
@ansuz voted Found objects in Forest: ![typewriter.JPG](&XyDBB8IHyL+4xvnztAd2J03VnruDuY
@ansuz voted ## Day 3 I reconnected the ribbons using a *grass bend*, a really awesome
@ansuz voted # A Typewriter's Journey A few days ago I was walking down the street, min
@ansuz voted I'm off SSB for a few weeks and *wow!*, so much interesting, insightful, an
@ansuz voted This website **Cooking for Engineers** has fantastic recipe notation : ![
@ansuz voted Thanks for the interest [@keks](@YXkE3TikkY4GFMX3lzXUllRkNTbj5E+604AkaO1xbz
@ansuz voted ``` This community needs a critical mass of skilled programmers who are pas
@ansuz voted "The only things standing in the way of the new Nuber are a few motivated i
@ansuz voted Hmmm.... I am totally on your side ideologically, but to provide a contrast
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@ansuz voted Coins and cryptocurrencies are definitely the frontline of the decentralizi
@ansuz voted indeed, the irvings are the kardashians of the scuttleverse
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Re: %gAWv96urv

Opposed to what?

@ansuz voted wowwow brand loyalty + family loyalty is a heck of a potent recipe to maxim
Re: %rUCyohL35

ssb works really well on top of cjdns. The hard part is finding local people who are interested in tinkering.

Do you have a particular need you're trying to address?

@ansuz voted I approve of this messaging! ![P_20160423_104821.jpg](&MRWdmtRKzqmtKMZdEz
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@ansuz voted you could build a minimially viable system on any of these, though
@ansuz voted anxious for my [luddite.js talk](http://viii.campjs.com/sessions#luddite) i
@ansuz voted damn, that's some sweet beefy arm you got there
@ansuz voted welcome aboard [@Trogdor](@YnDGjPVYfGP1Z7v3UXWH6IXdQXXKyaPgliEuefTbSqw=.ed2
@ansuz voted here's the reply from the NZ Army ![army_reply.jpg](&FBOGK46Tg3IEnVcvCAyxu
@ansuz voted ![tree_hutt.jpg](&32vAWqo0L0sj0xc/RqBqPrFit9XDKajC1zu0+cAU15Y=.sha256) Jus
@ansuz voted ![tree_hutt.jpg](&32vAWqo0L0sj0xc/RqBqPrFit9XDKajC1zu0+cAU15Y=.sha256) Jus
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