@coffee voted Lol, when americans assume you are in America... I guess maybe I should nev
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Re: %OffDdQXTU

Just say you live in the Shire, Middle Earth. At least their mental picture of the place will be associated with the correct country even if your actual location is no where near Matamata.

@coffee voted happy island ![side.png](&aM12Rv3z79iaZU+IDoQDcE+1TN7RRF6pnbL9l7cjoG4=.sha
@coffee voted [@ktorn](@z8aJVHJTc6MM8FwaNE2GIS3AYYt2HYFNWQUO8/iydNw=.ed25519) ya it's not
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Re: %pLBkGmeVt

@dominic but would it make enough revenue to pay for the satellite data?

I have one of these waterproof rugged USB satellite modems, which would be great for offshore platforms (I actually got it for a unmanned boat project that it's now shelved ) and it's not cheap to send even an SMS worth of data.

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Re: %pLBkGmeVt

If you're gonna mine with solar power, you might as well choose a proof-of-stake coin and use a Raspberry Pi for it.

Like these guys are planning to do! :)

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DAOs, Democracy and Governance

A good paper by Mr. Merkle himself.

External link: DAOs, Democracy and Governance

PDF for offline reading: DAOdemocracyDraft.pdf

@coffee voted For some reason I keep imagining running a #patchwork pub on a raspberry pi
@coffee voted ## [Introducing Bluetooth Mesh Networking](https://blog.bluetooth.com/intro
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@coffee voted # Proposal: Multi-pub invite Here's another proposal for improved invite f
@coffee voted ## Dev diary: building an SSB app for Android Started making an SSB app fo
@coffee voted [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) That's su
@coffee voted last night I sailed to great barrier island through phospheresence (glow i
@coffee voted It's very good that you are reading your daughter Three Little Pigs - they
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Re: %psJ3l4+rl

I was having a huge deja vu feeling about this thread, and then I saw the '1 year ago' in the posts and that I had already 'liked' the Katamari Damacy screenshot. Thanks for bumping this @ansuz!

@coffee voted # Neurons Gone Wild | Melting Asphalt In a recent [Edge interview](http://
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Re: %u26WShaFb

I read these on a nightly basis:

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Ugly Duckling

aloud to my 3-year-old daughter.
I also read Little Red Riding Hood, but stopped because I found it bit gruesome in the middle (a person gets eaten alive!)

For my own bedtime I started reading The Dispossessed after seeing it suggested by several people here (@mix, @substack, @dinosaur). Very good so far.

Next in my queue is "Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias" edited by Peter Ludlow. Anyone here read that?

@coffee voted ## what book are you reading right now? asked [@gb](@ya/sq19NPxRza5xtoqi9B
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@coffee voted Thank you [@ktorn](@z8aJVHJTc6MM8FwaNE2GIS3AYYt2HYFNWQUO8/iydNw=.ed25519) :
@coffee voted ![aitrap.jpg](&dhBWj7vSIaDss2/SGgbvJwsJfmk4a57klh3T6l9Ncvk=.sha256)
@coffee voted I had no idea. Round 2: ![IMG_1497_feross.JPG](&CZmr5LKOnLuDBzv6xeL4Am667
@coffee voted I was so fascinated by this plant when I was a kid. It's amazing it can mov
@coffee voted [mimosa pudica](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mimosa_pudica) (shy grass) T
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Re: %BC5kpkVtA

BTW @gb sorry about your loss, and the shitty aftermath.

On a lighter note, @gb and @ev, if you do go the circus way you just have to become fire performers and adopt "The Rat Roasters" as your name! :smiley:

@coffee voted >The weirder you are the more likely they are to warm up to you, in my expe
@coffee voted Okay, I've figured it out everyone! Sillicon Valley isn't a Meritocracy, i
@coffee voted the feminist perspective on meritocracy in tech is also worth noting here,
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@coffee voted Thanks – amazed that so many are still using Patchwork. 🎈 So great!
@coffee voted # Commuting with oddballs When I was a teacher I would ride the bus in fro
@coffee voted The eggplants grown by the highschool we got outside the hardware store las
@coffee voted [@signal9](@l46t7D+90dV8nf7FvKmA6Ro998Qf1Nx6KUypqEvDEBY=.ed25519) you can f
@coffee voted I listened to the Team Human podcast hosted by Douglas Rushkoff where he wa
@coffee voted My entrance in [this circus in Toronto](https://zgcircus.com/) was as a mus
@coffee voted ### "What should we do with our lives?" **Fayettenam update** July 11th 2
@coffee voted **Fayettenam update** May 29th 2017 I haven't had an opportunity to update
@coffee voted I just completed a week of work with [#TABLEFLIP](#TABLEFLIP). In writing u
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Re: %kjYQgOsVn

-- @Piet : "I am your father"
-- Lenovo Thinkpad: "No... that's not true! That's impossible!"
-- @Piet : "Search your feelings, you know it to be true."

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Re: %5L/MusfD5

@dinosaur that thread reminds me of a fairly tense period, and my pathetic attempt to diffuse it! :joy:

@coffee voted [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519)'s [Human
@coffee voted Dont forget these useful tips on [how to age urine](%rN9OEw4Bml2XZbL1vLNHm/
@coffee voted some seeds _can't live_ unless they have been eaten and pooped out! this is
@coffee voted > All the guava trees have fruit on them, but they're not ripe yet. /me :h
@coffee voted We love dystopian
@coffee voted the current financial model at [Root Systems](https://www.rootsystems.nz/)
@coffee voted Awesome summary of our conversation so far [@piet](@U5GvOKP/YUza9k53DSXxT0m
@coffee voted Here's the model we're currently testing for bits.coop. For each project wh
@coffee voted sure, simple is good.
@coffee voted ![20170712_151042.jpg](&HbwK32/C9MsCpCFWkG+1UtBbpu+9oTI4RmRT9auykHY=.sha256
@coffee voted like tetris - your accomplishments disappear and your mistakes pile up
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Re: %k8g8ncrla


The spot where we emptied the composting toilet before we left has 3 very large tomato plants growing there now. They are far larger than any of our other plants and we didn't plant anything there so the seeds must have survived digestion.

I had no idea that some seeds can survive digestion. Fascinating stuff.

@coffee voted watching a gecko eat 8 moths and counting 40cm from my face
@coffee voted # a rainy july day Off-and-on rain today at spider farm. Marina and I took
@coffee voted A had a robot make this box for me the other day ![hexbox-open.jpg](&TbBY
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@coffee voted Anyone noticing a pattern where some of the juciest threads a substacks ?
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Re: %jJHnpToql

it felt like downloading the whole internet when I connected to a pub

Guys, an accurate message for this would be: "Downloading visible scuttleverse..."

@coffee voted [@xuv](@z9FHuM5I75K/zOaFu+GqnIGRRo/V7jVvanwscWBBQOA=.ed25519) correct. The
@coffee voted [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) That's go
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@coffee voted #nyc #mesh **State of the Mesh** http://mailchi.mp/a4091b539af4/state-of-th
@coffee voted I was searching to see if this channel existed, and through that found out
@coffee voted The Holy Trinity of JS ![the-holy-trinity.jpg](&CoRyvweOjl/eE0PZbsTdZQ5Vl8X
@coffee voted That LiPo Rider Pro looks great. I wonder if there's a cheap chinese versio
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Re: %MznCbMmr5

@Ben I originally got that one from seeedstudio, but if there is demand for it I could source it (either original and/or cheaper clones from Taobao) and put them up for sale on my maker store. (bitcoin accepted!) :wink:

Re: %5L/MusfD5

@ev I had also wondered about @bobhaugen so I contacted him by email about a month ago, and he's ok. The computer where he ran ssb from is having some issues and he's too busy with other projects to fix it for now.

@coffee voted [@ktorn](@z8aJVHJTc6MM8FwaNE2GIS3AYYt2HYFNWQUO8/iydNw=.ed25519) That thread
@coffee voted something from gardening ? e.g. [the slug thread](%AZgo+zGqhiBazes5Fd+h3xwc
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Re: %5L/MusfD5

Hard to single out threads, given lots of good stuff, especially the great discussions in #seasteading, #boats, #anarchitecture, #transhumanism, etc.

But if I had to pick one then it was the one about twitter's forgotten story, although most of the back story is really in external links.

Also really enjoyed @substack's photolog of his DIY dwelling construction.

@coffee voted https://substack.neocities.org/dialog.exe/ /ipfs/QmXzg1F85wVrwX839R3ZU2bk
@coffee voted ## Lock down SSH access ### Disable root remote login We have options to
@coffee voted A group have friends and I have a bit of a Chautauqua going on that we call
@coffee voted Thanks everyone for helping to [troubleshoot this](https://github.com/ssbc/
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@coffee voted Like that time the TTC flooded ![union-flooding-sharks-jamie-king-twitter_c
@coffee voted ahoy scuttlers, **name your favourite threads** on ssb. I've been posting
@coffee voted I met the Sailing La Vagabonde couple at their berth on Westhaven. They wer
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@coffee voted [@ktorn](@z8aJVHJTc6MM8FwaNE2GIS3AYYt2HYFNWQUO8/iydNw=.ed25519) well, you m
@coffee voted # [Econophysics](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Econophysics) [Classical Ec
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Re: %NGpIxJaPl

Just took the time to read that Kon Tiki passage on plankton. Wonderful, the whole thing, but especially the bits about blowing water through one's mustaches and the experience of the breathing whale!

So that's one book that I'd like to add to my collection, but as expected not easy to find on ebook format. I might have to settle for a PDF version or even a dead-tree one.

@dominic I read a review that the english translation mistakenly translated 'wave' as 'sea' throughout the book. Is that the case?

@coffee voted I remember reading in [Kon Tiki](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kon-Tiki_exp
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Re: %HB+deK+K+

I sometimes find it a good experience to be exposed to views so opposed to my own.

Having said that, I do agree that some work could be done in filtering based on channels, so if I really want to avoid seeing particular kinds of content I could blacklist those channels.

But that would require that people can properly categorize their posts. Failing that, others could curate content by overlaying extra channels/tags that their friends could see, and filter upon.

For example, I'd have added #authoritarianism to your post.

Re: %4iP9geI0e


Also the network is centralized on Finland (you)!

A reminder that, no matter what others say, you will always be a the center of your observable universe.

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@coffee voted Hello, all! I'm glad to be participating in the network. In addition to d
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@coffee voted hello new people, i am a new person
@coffee voted congratulations on being a person. sorry to say the reviews are not entirel