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@nickname voted The apk on github https://github.com/staltz/mmmmm-mobile/releases/tag/v0.0.
@nickname voted Talk about your free healthcare.
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I was looking at Steemit again and trying to figure out how the economy is supposed to work. Sure, I get the blockchain creates tokens for contributors to the network (witnesses, content creators, etc) but I couldn't understand where the demand for these tokens was supposed to be coming from.

It turns out your influence on the network is directly tied to token ownership. For the tokens to have value, someone has to be buying control over the network. While I guess that is one way to address the problem Reddit is having with people buying votes from click farms, it feels like it is just cementing into protocol the failings of the centralized model. It feels so blatantly unstable that I feel I must be missing something.

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Re: %wOsBVN1yW

I am not really sure what the status of this is, but it is something that is currently being built. The leading proposal is a message type called sameAs.

@nickname voted I think that maybe likes shouldn't be bumping messages at all.
Re: %bpyUVAsIt

@cel I'm curious about which components you carry backups for and which you don't. Clearly it doesn't make sense to always bring around a backup keyboard, but do you keep an extra micro SD card with your OS on it in case the the one you have corrupts? What about a backup Pi?


I am the crying baby and the mother throwing up her hands in exasperation. "What is it? What do you want‽"

@nickname voted Sometimes it's just a hidden hierarchy. Poorly defined rules is a _smell_ y
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Re: %VStrS5HvT

going out of collapsing

Calls to mind an image of corporate entities like red giants, collapsing in on their own mass until the only reminder of what once was is some IP that is being held by some other conglomerate.

@nickname voted @mix i think it would be okay, but i can't guarantee it. this is the nginx
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Re: %5L/MusfD5

Dont forget these useful tips on how to age urine.

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Re: %BxSnZpk0/

This has always seemed so cool to me, but I have never had the chance to watch anyone perform live. Are there any videos of you doing this/will this be recorded?

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Has anyone else seen Louis C.K.'s "Horace and Pete"? I just finished it a few days ago but it is really sticking in my mind. I think it is a masterpiece, but it is more than that. I think the story was so horrifying and raw that it has really effected me in a way that only truly good art can. The last episode particularly brought the whole plot together and had such an impact.

I love the way the show is filmed as a play. I was shocked to learn that people expected the show to have further seasons. Personally I can only picture this as a miniseries a la Cowboy Bebop.

Re: %fyAIBxWCQ

What about something like ownCloud? Microsoft office is to LibreOffice as Google Docs is to ownCloud. There are a few other similar self hosted things with different feature sets and licencing schemes so if this exactly there may be another with a slightly closer fit.

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Bunch'a weirdos. Nice to meetcha!

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Re: %oG6iPl+1W

At some point you have to ask yourself what it means for something with no physical location to cross a boarder.

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Re: %0f+3eiYxe

Is that Baba Yaga's boat?

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Re: %uB7DTsgCg

I'm really excited about this progress. I wonder if there are additional methods that could also be used to increase the verifiability of the sameAs while also making the flow for the user a little more straightforward.

I picture a client like patchwork having an option to 'link accounts' by choosing a peer on the local network and then signing the the sameAs with the key for the other feed. This wouldn't act as a replacement for the social proof, but I think I might provided an easy level of confidence.

It might also be nice to be notified about all sameAs messages that target your feed so you can either more easily reciprocate your own messages, or reject false attempts.

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fallback for LAN discovery

How hard do you think Bluetooth would be to implement? I had a dream of two people meeting over drinks, casually bumping their phones to allow NFC to negotiate some handshake and the phones quietly scuttling over an ad-hoc network in the background.

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This is really cool! I suppose by generating different RSS feeds you could set up email alerts for replies to your posts or stay up to date on specific filters you create. I just need to get docker up and running so I can play around with easy-ssb-pub.

@nickname dug Based on a request from a friend who isn't connected to SSB yet... I starte
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Re: %4nkyFS4aI


I think you might mean dyslexic (which is a trouble reading). Dysgraphia is what I have, which is really bad handwriting. There are fonts that are specifically designed to be easier to read by people with dyslexia.

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Re: %RfQ2qb/wq

One of the main things that bothers me with Unicode emoji is the fact that, as a font they can be rendered differently, but because the meaning of an emoji is often more symbolic than literal, even slight changes to the way it is displayed can drastically change the meaning of the message. I could be sending a message on my android phone, and when I read the same message on an iPhone I come off as more of an asshole, just because the eyebrows for that emoji on the iOS font are a little more angled than on the android font or whatever.

When I use a custom emoji I would want it to be tied with a specific image. If someone uploads their own version of :dearGodWhy: that seems like a synonymous emoji, it could still have a very different meaning in another context that could cause me to be misinterpreted. Obviously, just like anything else, there is nothing stopping clients from displaying whatever they want. However, I feel that each emoji use should be somehow associated with a specific blob if we want to truly retain message immutability.

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Pita bread can be made with just a stove top. The video on that page is perfectly charming and worthwhile.

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Re: %p2nw1/07g

@andrestaltz It might be useful to store (and update) a placeholder locally that only includes the metadata. That would let you see when someone you have blocked is participating in a conversation, or if someone links a message that you have blocked you can understand that the reason you don't have that message is by choice. I feel like there are other useful things that it enables that I can't think of right now.

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Re: %oUf5v5ntA

In Patchwork on Windows I cant see any emoji! :D

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Re: %qu3kuf90G

@Travis The spike seems to line up pretty well with this great article by @andrestaltz being posted to Hacker News.

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@typedestruct It could focus on the the fact that really they are only acting as a public place for your log to be mirrored and you could call them "independent archives" or something to that effect. I think that gives the right idea about their role. It is a place you can go to make your ideas available or to find things other people have written, maybe even people you haven't met yet. It calls to mind the idea of a Library of Alexandria or Library of Congress. If I want to see the latest writings from someone I could go track them down. But as one of the Archives is bound to have it, and I know where to find it, I know I can get it there.

Also, in the future I can envision pubs being useful for regaining access to your log if you lose access to your local copy, so "archives" could apply in this case as well.

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Re: %6sMcLKZLU

Pub >> Hub?

I like the simplicity of the word pub and I think if we called it a 'relay' that might put some people off as it could sound more involved both in terms of centralization ("Oh no, the relay is down! How will our messages be transferred now?") as well as calling up scary imagery of schematics and technical documents.

I think there are benefits in giving pubs an abstract/'blank slate' name even if they aren't as technically correct. I think calling pubs "highly avaiable Scuttlebutt caches", while technically correct would certainly turn off a number of users. In this way I think the name "pub" actually works well, although the points that @Kodo brought up regarding the misleading nature of the word are good ones.

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Re: %PCmjDagaz

I dunno, man. I kinda like the sound of vacation.

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Re: %PCmjDagaz

Does a robot appreciate the experience though?

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Re: %PCmjDagaz

We can kick rocks for much less down by the river.

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Re: %/7Lt3l6yF

@mixmix This looks really cool. Help me understand where this would be in the Scuttlebutt flow. Is this a module that can be included in clients, or are the message schemas being transmitted via SSB itself?

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Re: %N1/K6vyxj

@keks I think it would be spammy, but I think the solution to that is doing more interesting things in the UI on displaying posts. I think there is a lot of room for clever design with regard to categorizing and ordering of messages. The current methodology, at least in Patchwork, is pretty minimal in it's curation which I think limits the ways that messages can be used. I wouldn't for example set up a location updating SSB client because that would be super spammy, but I do think that would be something interesting to experiment with.

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Re: %PCmjDagaz

In that sense, for you and I, going to the moon is not something humanity 'can do'.

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@andrestaltz This is a very interesting way to think about the inertia of social networks and how they can be exploitative in their nature. It got me thinking about the parallels in my countries history.

In the United States, after the abolition of slavery a large number of former slaves where roped into 'sharecropping', a system of debt bondage in which workers were loaned supplies and paid in tokens that could only be redeemed at the company store. The more you worked as a sharecropper, the farther behind you fell.

While Facebook itself does provide some tools to export your data, as you pointed out, the pictures you upload are far from the most valuable asset that Facebook controls, it is the social network itself that prevents people from freely migrating. The more you cultivate your connections on one network, the harder it is to leave.

The allure of sharecropping was to finally have ownership, agency, and control over your work and work product when really it was just a system designed to provide that feeling while allowing the white landowners to continue to own laborers.

Just as Facebook makes you feel as if you have all this control over your social space while in reality they own all of the social connections and interactions.

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Re: %lAbc/2Kz2

Once out of order messages come into play it might be interesting to make the distance calculation more nuanced/granular. If I interact with the posts of some subset of my friends more often, that would imply that I am closer to them and that closeness could be reflected in the network graph as well.

For example I might want to replicate all of the feed of my closest friend's connections but not necessarily want to replicate feeds of the friends of a mere acquaintance. In other words, currently the distance of all hops are equal, but this doesn't necessarily reflect the actuality of the social structure.

I wonder if there is an easy way to calculate distance between two users in this manner.

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Re: %N1/K6vyxj

@Dominic I was thinking about that as well as a service that would mirror an RSS feed onto the Scuttleverse for offline viewing.

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Re: %N1/K6vyxj

@Dominic, Ian started out in games academia. Perhaps most known for his creation of Cow Clicker. He cowrote a really cool book called Racing the Beam about programming the Atari 2600 in which he talks about how the technical limitations drove design decisions and explores the progression of programming techniques and game play mechanics over the lifespan of the console.

This article by him about gamification should give you some more of a sense his ideology.

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Re: %N1/K6vyxj

Oh man, I didn't realize that when you said you had spoken to someone from The Atlantic that you had spoken to Ian Bogost! Great article by him.

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Re: %Ju7zs13/8

there is also an opening for "cooking at sea"

I am thinking something like Iron Chef on the open ocean:


@nickname dug Oh yeah, surely the last laugh would be for this contract to have a DAO bug in #hypercapitalism

I am trying to think what sorts of technical solutions could be created for an SSB client. I have lost faith in the effectiveness of voting systems. Perhaps you would need some sort of AI that categorizes posts into "food groups" and then mixes your feed (ha) to give you a balanced diet.

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... often the most interesting.

That's what is so weird. You would think after all the fulfilling longer posts/articles I have read, and all letdown I have from mindlessly scrolling easy posts and clickbait that my mind would learn, but clearly there is something fundamental about that draw. We need our software to help us make healthy choices in just the same way that we need our grocery stores to present us with healthy options.

@nickname voted Sometimes. I try not to, since they're often the most interesting. But some
@nickname dug Sometimes. I try not to, since they're often the most interesting. But some
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Re: %N6lWEemCK

To clarify, I do think there are some benefits to being able to give nicknames, nickimages, etc. Perhaps this could be solved with some of the same stuff we talking about with flagging. If someone names me a name I am not too fond of, I don't have to tell my friends that I am being called that. Sure the troll could tell their friends of this really sick name they came up for me, but my friend circle can decide to ignore that.

Re: %N6lWEemCK

I don't think the right to rename/reimage/redescribe someone should be removed, I just don't think they should be relayed to other nodes.

It's not your profile though.

By the same logic, you could argue that "it's not your message" feed and anyone should be able to annotate posts. That could be a direction to take the project. Personally one of the things that drew me to Scuttlebutt was the idea of immutable communication. I feel the potential adulteration of my identity to be in disservice to that goal.

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Re: %N6lWEemCK

@dinosaur Thanks for the reply. I understand the method of transmission of names and pictures, however it still feels fundamentally weird to have someone who happens to connect to one of the pubs I connect to have the ability to brand my profile with any text they may want.

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Re: %7vmC2SSE9

I am also interested but am more of a T-Shirt guy myself. Are there any good options for one of those on-demand merch printing services? I would like to billboard myself for SSB and PW.

Re: %N6lWEemCK

@metamas I guess their best option would be to try to convince their friends to all install a SSB client that didn't support that feature.

I think all @mentions should be to the public key only and replacements should happen locally. The same should be true with user images and descriptions.

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Re: %WU3gGJ0sU

@Dominic I think a key might be discovery of content that is particularly popular with people who you are 'closer' to, rather than just finding all the content that is popular.

I don't necessarily want to see a post that has thousands of likes, but if 3 of my 4 most-interacted-with friends all like a post, I would want to see that.

If a post is popular across the network but also popular with the people who's opinions I hold in high regard I would like that post brought to my attention. Not all that is popular is bad and it should be up to each user to surround themselves with people who post and interact with things they are interested in.

Re: %N6lWEemCK

I think it is weird that someone could name someone something rude in Patchwork and that this name will forever show up on their profile to be seen by everyone.

@nickname dug It's a weird feature in my opinion.
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Re: %WU3gGJ0sU

I think what @tiago said about wanting to respond but not having anything you deem worthy of the screen real-estate is key for me. For that reason I don't find a lot of personal value in adding that ability to have highly custom reactions as I would mostly use the most standard reaction to minimize the number of different reactions a post has.

I feel if I wasn't original enough to reply with my own thoughts, why would I have something interesting to say with the emoji I pick.

I think we should also look at what features might be enabled (or prevented) down the road based on the reaction system. I think the reaction system could be a powerful tool in enabling content discovery and content burying. I wonder if allowing a lot of flexibility in reactions now might make it harder to leverage the system later. If voting is being giving more responsibility later, will people both vote and react?

@nickname dug I spoke with her again as a follow up and tried to explain in terms of BBS.
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Re: %BEn39/raO

That reminds me of The Landlord's Game which eventually was twisted into Monopoly, a game with a very different message.

Re: %LsyxT8Ed5

The economics of consumerism are such that it is more important to always have your customers favorite brand of whatever produce than it is to keep prices at their minimum. The grocery stores near me all have many different versions of the same item even when it is perishable. Obviously consumers are paying a higher price for their food to subsidize all the waste, but the reason stores became this way is because consumers demanded it and were willing to pay the price. That is a sort of efficiency, but not the kind that most people hope for.

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Re: %1tRGRgNDT

@lzlr Woah. It really feels like you are struggling with a lot of the stuff I am wrangling with now. From what I can tell, it seems like you are a little farther along in your escape plan than I am. All of the concerns you raised are things that I feel are keeping me from pushing off from the edge of the pool.

I really hope you find solutions to problems and courage for the unknown.