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Re: %K20iNmkKT

I need to revisit Coherence; I started it once and didn't get into it.

But I'll raise you Primer, $7000 budget and a super movie.

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Re: %bf31YfxQh

Overheard conversations and games brings this to mind..

I was recently in Ithaca, staying in a grad student's apartment airbnb with only a screen between me and the living room. They told me they were going to have some friends over for werewolf later, asked if I was into gaming, I'm like "yeah, I have 4 board games in the trunk of my car".

So when I returned from hiking around Cornell, they were gathered and playing werewolf. In Mandarin. And it was a big group, like 15 people squeezed around the living room.

So I didn't join in, but I did overhear three games. It was kind of great, because I've played enough werewolf that I could pretty well tell what was happening without knowing the language. Quiet periods, breaking into loud discussions that get more and more frentic, until.. And at one point a big cheer when the villagers won. But then also, I didn't know the language, so I didn't have to deal with my brain trying to overhear anything in specific; I could easily read a book without my poor speech center getting annoyed.

Also they stopped just before I wanted to go to sleep.

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@joeyh voted this is not a dish so much as a potential component of a dish, but i once d
@joeyh voted I spent two years only eating what I could purchase from the farmer's marke
Re: %PyLqByM2a

Also it's full of refugees from the USA https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/03/world/americas/montreal-refugees-stadium-housing.html. Surreal old world.


alien abduction selfie


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accidentally delicious

I am a intuitive cook because I enjoy exploring solution spaces. Sometimes it doesn't work out. Sometimes a thing that was not very inspired turns out to be accidentally delicious.

This is one of those. Just summer squash, potatoes, green beans, which is a common country side dish around here and is normally ok but not amazing.


Coming off a two day long drive from Canada back home, I was not feeling creative or like cooking. Got tired of cereal and this was what was around. The potatoes and squash were close to going off, and I had picked a bunch of basil flowers from plants close to bolting. So this was a quick 10 minute use-them-up meal.

What turned it into accidental deliciousness was that I diced up 5 cloves of garlic, and added a good pinch of salt and knob of butter. Plus those basil flowers. Suddenly, I had an accidental soup of surprising flavor on my hands, rather than a kind of bla boiled veg dish. I had it for two meals and could have happily eaten it all week. I'm still salivating thinking of it, it was so good.

What accidental deliciousness have you stumbled upon?

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Re: %dK5wTANTC

Yes, first time in French Canada.

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Re: %ISx/yOSVz

You don't need monads for this, you simply need a function of type:

(a -> b) -> Either e a -> Either e b

For example, this function would do:

onRight f (Left e) = Left e
onRight f (Right a) = Right (f a)

Then use it in the map:

map (onRight (\v -> v ++ "!!!")) [Right "value", Left "error"]

There happens to be a function very like onRight in the monad instance for Either. That function is >>= (monadic bind), and so a more idiomatic way is to use that rather than defining onRight. This does the same:

map (>>= \v -> return (v ++ "!!!")) [Right "value", Left "error"]

And yes, >>= is polymorphic; there's a different version of it for every data type that has a monad instance. So we can use the same map over Maybe or even over nested lists:

map (>>= \v -> return (v ++ "!!!")) [Just "hello", Nothing]
[Just "hello!!!",Nothing]
map (>>= \v -> return (v ++ "!!!")) [["so","many"], ["bangs", "!"]]
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In Montreal, staying in a great little neighborhood (Veix-Rosemont) full of locals, high-density apartments but still quiet and chill, tree lined with those twisty Montreal outside stairs. Two blocks away is a street with more going on than the heart of Cambridge MA.

I now know 3 phrases in French, which seems to be enough to be polite. Seems like it would be a good low-stress place come to learn French by immersion.

Went to the old town this afternoon, which was highly touristy, full of people speaking English (unlike everywhere else). But there were bagpipers, so I was happy!

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Taking a break in a star-trek themed vegan cafe in a really good bookstore in Ithaca. After hiking around both gorges for most of the day. Many waterfalls.

This thai rolled ice cream is new to me. Hand-churned on a cold plate.



Mine was green tea with lychee and kiwi, yum!

@joeyh voted First of all, a correction to my previous post: s/diameter/circumference [
@joeyh voted First of all, a correction to my previous post: s/diameter/circumference [
@joeyh voted Something random on the web reminded me of this old computer drawing of min
Re: %5gp+925hD

The totality line passes right over my dad's house in South Carolina so family is gathering there.

By the way, fake eclipse glasses are being sold in the US right now. My sister got a bum pair, luckily she tested them before staring at the sun with them.

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Left home before dawn, 12 hours of driving later, I'm in Ithaca NY at golden hour.


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Looking for where to park in Montreal for 5 days next week. It seems very hard. Would rather be looking at something fun to do in the city.


caching moonbeams


The full moon produced enough voltage diff on solar panels to measure last night. You can see where it is covered by clouds, peeks through, and even edge of cloud volt spikes. Moon set at 2 am.


It's so very nice to have my house's voltage level -- 25.42V -- displayed on my laptop's panel!

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Re: %vt6olvLlS

Being able to drill holes for ethernet is so sweet, that was one the the first things I did in my first house. :)

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Re: %OaA+9xWTs

The book calls them "slugs", which I also often call my shoulder-percher of a cat..

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Re: %OaA+9xWTs

@ev didn't Heinlein already write that in The Puppet Masters?

@joeyh voted I have had an idea for a sci-fi book that I haven't written called _Cat War
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Yay, I have charge controller data monitoring!


Explore my data interactively: http://homepower.joeyh.name/


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Re: %B7HTeuxBu

(Err, 15 PSI)

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Re: %4zV31EwIs

Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 68th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3183

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Re: %B7HTeuxBu

I made the ginger-pear chutney without a recipe originally, last summer, and liked that small batch enough to want to have it available year-round. It elevates a so-so curry into a wow curry.

There are some recipes you can find online, but basically pears (asian in my case with skin on), which I roasted in the oven (4 trays) until carmelized, added to diced ginger (2 large roots), garlic (4 heads) and onions (2) cooked down in a chutney manner. I added some cider vinegar for canning, and also probably too many chiles (a good-sized handful for a gallon of chutney).

Canned at 20 PSI for 15 minutes, which luckily seems to have muted the chile+ginger fire a bit. It did make the pears more mushy than I'd prefer; the chutney is best when it has some nice pear texture, so next time I'm going to try not cooking the pears for long before canning.

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Just inaverdently tested the overvoltage disconnect on my Epsolar Tracer MPPT. Seems it rebooted for some reason (possibly a load spike) and came back in 12V battery bank mode, noticed batteries were at 25V and disconnected the solar input.

Not ideal, but better than the OVD not working, I suppose. I wonder if disabling the autosensing and telling it to assume 24V battries will avoid this problem. It may not store such things in NVRAM..

One of these days I will have a MPPT with open firmware so this kind of bug can be fixed..

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Around a quarter of my pear harvest canned now.

The small jars are ginger-pear chutney. Need to find the time to make more of that, it's stunning.

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Re: %njJxVT3qT

This is an extremely common pattern in FP. The most general form is a function of type:

s -> (a,s)

Ie, it takes a state s (along with whatever other parameters) and returns some value a along with an updated state.

Needing to thread the state around gets annoying, so the state monad is often used to avoid that boilerplate.

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Re: %Ol7D4M1Yc

I have two springs, both with concrete tanks. When I moved in the larger of the two tanks had a dead mouse floating in it. Cleaning it out was yugh. Six years later, I've still not drank out of that one. Would have to replace its roof and house its spring to avoid the dead animals problem.

The other spring is fully housed around the spring and feeds into a well sealed tank, so I much prefer that one. Longer haul for the water though.

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Re: %Ol7D4M1Yc

I only use roof water for washing, and drink spring water and hope the springs don't dry. I suppose some types of roofs might contaminate water more than others -- mine is asphalt shingles, nearly 20 years old, and new solar panels from china with who knows what chemicals coating them.

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@joeyh voted Hi @Dominic, and thanks for the greeting. Yes, I remember you well from the
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Re: %AHZX16IT0

It's common to cover municipal reservoirs in various ways, eg with shade balls. Reasons include reducing evaporation and avoiding reactions between chlorinated water and sunlight (which apparently produces a carcinogen).

Floating solar panels seems a good fit for those situations.

Also, 10% efficiency gain due to running the panels closer to their ideal operating temperature is not insignificant.

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Re: %PB+pSweC1

Then I cloned that git-annex repo to a removable drive, told git-annex to move all the blobs off of my laptop. So I freed up 2 gb of space but still have a local archive of all the blobs.

Restarting patchwork, it had some slightly strange behavior when trying to display a blob that had turned into a broken symlink. Avatar icons were broken image icons, and pictures in posts displayed as white rectangles. Patchwork then downloaded 49 mb of blobs, and replaced the broken syminks with the blob content again. So I have pruned my blobs directory to only the stuff currently needed.

(It might be nice for ssb to have a search path for blobs, so it could find them in both ~/.ssb and the removable drive.)

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Re: %PB+pSweC1

I wonder if .ssb/blobs could be a symlink to elsewhere and if ssb stuff follows the symlink. Probably would work, and if so, you could share a single blobs directory amoung the users of the computer.

I just tried this related experiment:

cd .ssb/blobs
git init
git annex init
git annex add
git commit -m 'all my blobz!'

At least patchwork does not seem bothered by the symlinks that git-annex created.

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Re: %PB+pSweC1

The main disk use is .ssh/blobs, which are content addressed, so you could use a deduplicating filesystem or a regular filesystem with something to construct hard links between them.

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Re: %pLBkGmeVt

I wonder if sending an encrypted message to avoid MITM, followed soon after by publishing a key that allows decryption would be allowed on ham/SSB. It's not about secret communication then, and is arguably not much different than uploading a file in a format that's useless until the whole file has been transferred.

(But you don't need mining pools to mine cryptocurrency anyway, if your timescales are long enough.)

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Re: %8Id30Bzqo


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happy island


Man-made island offshore of Union Island in the carribean. Created by one family on a reef by hauling sea-shells in a small boat.


Looks to be solar and wind powered with the family's house behind the bar, so entirely self-sustaining.


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Re: %pLBkGmeVt

Pumping to a water tank is in my medium-term plans. Once I have a thousand gallons or two up in the hills behind the house, I'll do gravity flow water, and finally get running water here.

More immediately I am still working on early stages of my "cold battery" concept; eg finding a chest freezer that won't overload my power system on startup. And deciding what voltages to configure my old Xantrex PWM (converted to a load controller) to divert power to it at.

Re: %iwXOLPbdN

(Does that qualify as a poem? I come from a family of poets, and so avoid intentional poetry.)









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Re: %u26WShaFb

Just finished "The Fireman" by Ray Bradbury, the novella which became Farenheight 451. Can Bradbury ever write! And it's still on point more than ever 70 years later, as in this passage which did not seem to make it into the novel:

They had applauded science while it had built a beautiful glass structure, a glittering miracle of contraptions about them, and too late they had found it to be a glass wall. They could not shout through the wall; they could only pantomime silently, never touching, hearing, barely seeing each other.

(Read it online at https://archive.org/download/galaxymagazine-1951-02/Galaxy_1951_02.pdf)

Before that, got stuck on We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis Taylor, which started reasonably well if not entirelyy originally but petered off dreadfully. Abandoned its sequel 10% through and should have given up on it days earlier.

Now starting The Space Between The Stars by Anne Corlett, which I have high hopes for.

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Re: %MaxYMVJkj

Neal Stephenson's novella ATMOSPHÆRA INCOGNITA concerns the constuction of such a tower and is based on I think the same plans. Recommended. I need to finish the rest of the stories in Hieroglyph some time.

Re: %5qCPeGO5s



Posssibly the best brat I ever ate.



Almost time to put on the roast corn. My grill is come cinderblocks, an old oven rack, and last winter's leftover firewood.

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Re: %HdwzxitFC

As a fan of both Brazil and Haskell, let me say welcome aboard!

@joeyh voted last night I sailed to great barrier island through phospheresence (glow i
@joeyh voted Hi everyone, greetings from Brazil. I am amazed to find such incredible com
@joeyh voted Fjallabak Nature Reserve - Iceland ![1-8-2015 Iceland 0712.JPG](&6KMlLPP+a
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Re: %VStrS5HvT

@marak I'm a founding member. http://joeyh.name/blog/entry/I_am_ArchiveTeam/

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Re: %VStrS5HvT

ArchiveTeam estimates Soundcloud is 2.5PB, which is an order of magnitude larger than the largest site we've saved before (MobileMe). Some form of targeted archival seems likely, but lots of stuff is gonna be lost probably. Unless they ship the drives to someone for archival, they probably lack even the bandwidth for that much to be downloaded from them. ArchiveTeam is currently in the "scrape an index of all the data" phase.

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Re: %k8g8ncrla

I wonder if a boost converter (set to 1 volt higher than your typical max) on the main power system would buffer the CPU noise spikes enough to use the speakers that way.

I've had the same problem with noise on external speakers, and so far my fix has been to power them from the inverter, which avoids the problem but uses too much power for winter. I mostly want external speakers to get music to the yard of a gorgeous summer evening, like right now.


Wondering when twitter is going to be hit by a lawsuit for causing widespread violations of the ADA by encouraging long-form postings to be made in gif format due to #140.

While trying to zoom https://twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/884789418455953413 enough to make it visible.

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Re: %FaCWLtLPj

At least some puffballs can be eaten too. So can chicken of the woods and some other shelf fungi.

I only eat wild mushrooms when a true expert (like my sister) IDs them. Dichotomous keys and I do not see eye to eye.

Re: %vgjLbZWBp

I got flatter type gravel for that reason. 23 tons covered half the driveway (¼ mile) about 1 inch deep, which is not really deep enough.


My 75 year old mom read my blog post https://joeyh.name/blog/entry/bonus_project/ and made a git pun: "treeish on the banks of the Clinch river"


23 tons of gravel is, it turns out, a lot of gravel. Also not enough gravel.

@joeyh voted I grew up in rural areas full of nature, so the last 20 years of living in
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Re: %c0XRY9uIe

On the compose key, you can get an em-dash by compose+dash+dash+dash.

I've purposefully never read the compose key documentation; I enjoy finding out new wacky combinations like that through trial and error. «Oh hey, I just found how to compose a unicode smiley ☺»

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Re: %c0XRY9uIe

koldfront is a friend of yours? I owe them a beer for archive.olduse.net


"darken the shells with fire or ink, then cleanse them with the light" #onlyonssb

Re: %NGpIxJaPl

The Schwörer's have been sailing for 16 years on and off (no super-long stretches) and 100k miles, and have raised 5 kids on board. http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2016/11/25/swiss-family-climate-change

They recently sailed the northwest passage.

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Re: %iFFHQHcby

The way solar panel voltage works is, there's no fixed voltage, but a range. The actual volts produced are determined by what's connected to it. Connect only a multimeter and you see the highest voltage it can produce for the current amount of sun, which is called the open circuit voltage. Connect other equipment, and the voltage will drop to what the equipment is drawing.

What happens to the excess volts in that case? The solar panel simply does not produce them. It's then operating at less than peak efficiency. If the panel was able to produce 24V and you've limited it to 12V, then you're only using half of the panel.

I'm not sure what happens with a buck converter connected to a solar panel. It might pull close to the full open circuit voltage and then convert it to the output voltage with 90%-95% or so efficiency. Or it might pull less voltage than that, and so not use the full capacity of the panel.

@joeyh voted On Thursday, July 6, at 9PM EDT (GMT-4) I'll be doing a live-on-the-interne
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@joeyh voted [Slow But Steady: Achieving Real Security Within Two Decades](https://www.y
@joeyh voted Photos as promised; Mt Carleton. ![DSCN1516.JPG](&JkFgvftZXXvrlHlcTBF4SdQP
@joeyh voted Photos as promised; Mt Carleton. ![DSCN1516.JPG](&JkFgvftZXXvrlHlcTBF4SdQP
@joeyh voted Photos as promised; Mt Carleton. ![DSCN1516.JPG](&JkFgvftZXXvrlHlcTBF4SdQP
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Re: %JkiJXa5MM

I'd use cat file.md, but then I'm minimal that way.

Rationalle: Markdown should already be optimally formatted for display at the console.

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Re: %utbx9WnA9

I've never used mksh, but I did drive all the way across Europe and back with its author once. :)

@joeyh voted # what sparked your interest in coops and starting protozoa? I got this qu


Sometimes the simplest things, like laying these bricks under the grape arbor, are super therapeutic.


Treating myself to cardium coffee after an insane hard day yesterday. Sublime. How have I had this spice on hand for years and never used it in coffee? Thanks scuttleverse!

@joeyh dug ![IMG_20170618_184336.jpg](&8RuDzoO1MXDsH+NvnspxmOTCSnMmx6/T0ELfK3ARhtY=.sh
@joeyh dug watching a gecko eat 8 moths and counting 40cm from my face in #spider-farm
Re: %Hf44fKhge

I use almost entirely DC; I've been converting stuff from 12V to 24V. https://joeyh.name/blog/entry/12_to_24_volt_house_conversion/

Re: %1VsY8n5Og

Another part of the story is regional economic sorting. There are insane house prices in every major US city, but I bought a decent house for $35k 11 years ago (at the top of the previous bubble), in an area where the median income was $30k in 2000.

It's not much appreciated in value, because this is not an area desirable to the classes who have money to gamble on real estate. (I've still made my money back two-fold, by living in it long enough that I would have paid its cost in rent, and then by renting it for a similar period of time while renting a much cheaper house in an even more economically depressed area.)

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Re: %cU3AJBf1n

(Until *pop*)