@jolyon voted # Those who build the house are built by the house I found myself looking
@jolyon voted over the weekend went on a hike from [@Pete](@RwYBAe2YxTeVQgiJEeuPD3AZrte0S
@jolyon voted # The Dream Economy economics is a study of how people respond to incentiv
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Good job you didn't tell him what a Morepork sounds like @Dominic

@jolyon voted in my understanding: kiwifruit (just called "kiwi" in the US) is named aft
@jolyon voted Talk about your free healthcare.
@jolyon voted reading [this description of BATMAN mesh routing](http://makezine.com/2008/
@jolyon voted I'm jealous of this regular 'hang-out-and-hack session' you guys have :P. S
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@happy0 it's called art~hack - you could put one on in your town! I believe @dinosaur has a guide somewhere for how to organise one? @Dominic has started an art~hack up here in Auckland at our makerspace and the world could do with more of these weekly events :)

@jolyon voted Hello world 👋🏽
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To live a comfy life and reduce energy needs the most expensive thing is hot water. Air to water or ground to water heat pumps are the most efficient way because you get heat from the environment. They're about 4x efficient. Excess solar can drive the heatpump's compressor and voila you have cheap hot water! While you can buy heatpumps for heating hot water it is definitely something that could be hacked from heat exchangers and old refrigeration gear.

@jolyon voted Dehumidifer 🐳
@jolyon voted I was just looking at some numbers, and compared to an cost per square mete
@jolyon voted thinking about this again, to be truly of the times and maximum [#seasteadi
@jolyon voted Pumping to a water tank is in my medium-term plans. Once I have a thousand
@jolyon voted Time to document the latest state of my solar setup. Fristly, panel can be
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@jolyon voted Could you create a minimal working repo, including the package.json, an ind
@jolyon voted Okay, I solved the mystery. The ArrayBuffer received by `pull-ws` had the 6
@jolyon voted ## ssb-irc so I made a ssb-irc notifier that runs on a pub! If you post a
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@jolyon voted ## My vision for MMMMM Some of you may have noticed in the [dev diary](%b6
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@jolyon voted btw, we are sick of Lord of the Rings tourists, but I think people would li
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@jolyon voted today I hiked up Mt Hobson, highest point on Great Barrier Island. Barrier
@jolyon voted [@dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) I just br
@jolyon voted Okay, I've figured it out everyone! Sillicon Valley isn't a Meritocracy, i
@jolyon voted I've worked for a number of companies who claim meritocracy. I have even b
@jolyon voted like tetris - your accomplishments disappear and your mistakes pile up
@jolyon voted Merit is retroactively defined, so it's a pretty useless definition. Even i
@jolyon voted # Commuting with oddballs When I was a teacher I would ride the bus in fro
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Some machining crashes for your viewing pleasure


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@jolyon voted Here is a fennel plant in my front yard, I love the patterns it's stems and
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Amusingly they have more than one youtube channel. Here is an even cheesier video:


Seems they went bust not long after that video was released. They were too reliant on the oil and gas industry - new projects have suffered due to the low crude oil prices for the last few years,


Here's the plant list, the machine I used there is under "LARGE CNC VERTICAL TURNING". 2 meter diameter by 1.5 meter height by 12 Tonne refers to the size of the job that could go on the machine:


I liked that machine - it motivated one to not make a single mistake because the result would be death. I also liked that when turning nuclear submarine propshaft seals out of inconel I could put one cut on single block and wander off for nearly an hour. Both ears always listening to it cutting though, because inconel is a very unforgiving substance!

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Went looking for a video of the large vertical borer I used to make beautiful metallic machinery sculptures with @Dominic. Found the actual company I worked at released a typically terrible marketing video haha. Here it is:


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@nanomonkey it's proprietary CAM with a minimum of CAD thrown in to be useful. Vectric Aspire 8. As far as CAM goes it is cheap and not shit in comparison to other CAM systems. I'm really impressed with it compared to other systems I've used, but compared to how I think it should be..... I completely agree with @Dominic that it's unimpressive. I have been dropping hints that the world needs a decent system..... not especially subtle hints, but dropping them nonetheless.

@jolyon voted Robot! Do my bidding! ![IMG_20170710_202420.jpg](&9z4a9BUEPHz2d+qJVCLUrVC
@jolyon dug [@ktorn](@z8aJVHJTc6MM8FwaNE2GIS3AYYt2HYFNWQUO8/iydNw=.ed25519) I am progre
@jolyon dug Love it! This feels similar to what we started exploring out at Emma's pare
@jolyon dug Idea: something like [E-Gold](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-gold) where y
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@jolyon dug [Mathew Borrett](http://www.mathewborrett.com/blog/) is an artist from Onta in #solarpunk
@jolyon dug The scuttlebutt I see is home to people who are less capitalist. I feel lik in #singularity
@jolyon dug I love how most folks in this channel are techno-utopian skeptics. (I know in #singularity
@jolyon dug ## Centralized web ![centralized.png](&VqUwwEQay2jWOgRUaLlg20A+JvEBe+kDISQ
@jolyon dug ### Semicolon-Shaped People > ... > 33/ To do deep work in the world of J
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Build a house, a pool, a sculpture, a boat. A robot like this could do many things...


150Kg payload 2.8m reach 0.2mm repeatability

Demonstration machining:


cc @Dominic

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If you want it to be small and 15hp won't lift it out of the water then a redesign is necessary anyway!

The coastguard would definitely tow us.... after disaster strikes while testing haha

@jolyon dug [@jolyon](@dfCIY3rP5idQFdjuOHrBJqrv6EgsSiNyn1NKz87UTJw=.ed25519) the coastg in #boats
@jolyon dug You can just take some if it's for the space itself
@jolyon dug I guess I need to get my outboard going again, so we have something to driv in #boats
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That book looks great! I like his test rig on the cover. Just need someone with a speedboat / jetski to tow it for testing.

@jolyon dug Auckland is the perfect city for this. A city on an isthmus between to harb in #boats
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@jolyon dug I'm starting to get excited about webassembly. It's low level. It has the s in #webassembly
@jolyon dug I am wondering what I should work on next? There are two basic candidates, in #scuttlebutt
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@Dominic yup SAE 68 is your standard oil used to lubricate machine tools. Calvin reckons Dizzee Oysters could be a band name.

@neftaly How much do you want to sell that 50 dia UHMWPE for? (I guess per meter?). I would like to buy some to make the roller doors open and close quietly :)

@jolyon dug ![IMG_20170618_184336.jpg](&8RuDzoO1MXDsH+NvnspxmOTCSnMmx6/T0ELfK3ARhtY=.sh
@jolyon dug Not yet, we discovered that the lathe end-stock was out of alignment. Or so
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I like that idea. The hydrofoil is way more interesting than the shark - but a hydrofoil with wheels........ now, that's cool :) let's build one. Sinclair C5 size for a laugh.

@jolyon dug I like this one because it's very close to the format of an recumbent, encl in #boats
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@Dominic No I hadn't - reminds me of Seabreacher except that one likes to go below the water more than above it:


@jolyon dug # steam yuloh A yuloh is a chinese sculling oar, that can propell a supris in #boats

@Dominic flax reinforced wind turbine blade tested to failure


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@jolyon dug *xnor*, using btc mobile wallet to test webcam qr code-reading
@jolyon dug >how the city is being destroyed The Bay Area has been my home base since in #traveling
@jolyon dug > I think this is my first post ever, on any social media, rambling about m in #traveling
@jolyon dug Have been in the bay area for about a month now. I've even looked at rentin in #traveling

Another type of additive CNC machine. CNC filament winding. This one is home made:


@jolyon dug Thanks for the club maté bottle for scale. I feel like it's become a moder in #hAKLand
@jolyon dug # CNC: Arrived ![IMG_20170613_113214.jpg](&DAdFuf9S8/PnyObs8C7vnWJ1P+g60V7 in #hAKLand
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@jolyon dug Scuttlebutts in Wellington ![Selection_293.png](&zZZMwBYsF8dUJz4vDIzuNM1yh in #wellington
@jolyon dug Yea, early version of group editing might land this week!
@jolyon dug Hi. My name is Nick Peihl. I live in the San Juan Islands of WA, USA. I am in #new-people
@jolyon dug wow, only %10 slower? that is incredible!
@jolyon dug Spent a couple of hours yesterday implementing SIPHASH in WebAssembly, for
@jolyon dug Finally got my new linux development machine up and going. First linux dev
@jolyon dug ### Crypto protocols in C ssb is built upon custom crypto protocols: [secr in #ssb-implementations
@jolyon dug # flume is merged and scuttlebot@10.0.0 is published :boom: in #scuttlebutt
@jolyon dug it's a layered word play - a hub for patches - sounds like git-hub - patch in #ssbc
@jolyon dug YES. My working title for this p2p dream is "Anarchy OS" in #android
@jolyon dug _random idea_ # Dextrose (working title) ### an experimental, decentralised in #android
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@Dominic I prefer it when it IS daylight savings time. Just don't need it to switch back afterwards. If I'm against anything it's NZST.

@jolyon dug http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-13432454 in #boats