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Re: %tyxp+5OIE

I work with someone who is greatly interested into gopher!! He wrote some kind of gopher client in python a few months ago. I'll need to show him this on Monday.

@jbizzle dug For fun, I added support for some protocols in [Dillo][]. - [dillo-git][]: in #dillo
@jbizzle dug It would be nice to have a few more pubs that didn't run on port 8008. Corn in #ssbc
@jbizzle dug happy 1500000000
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@jbizzle dug I just completed a week of work with [#TABLEFLIP](#TABLEFLIP). In writing u in #scuttlebutt
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Re: %5L/MusfD5

I found @substack's productivity tips for an offline world to be v good & a valuable source of information

@jbizzle dug ### The Cyberpaleo Ethic http://mailchi.mp/ribbonfarm/the-cyberpaleo-ethic in #cyberpaleo
@jbizzle dug hello new people, i am a new person in #new-people
@jbizzle dug hello new people, i am a new person in #new-people
@jbizzle dug yup. use http://github.com/pull-stream/stream-to-pull-stream as adapter in #javascript
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Re: %7d+bV4zTV

cool! tried stream-to-pull-stream on dnode's readme example and it worked on the first try


var dnode = require('dnode')
var pull = require('pull-stream')
var toPull = require('stream-to-pull-stream')
var net = require('net')

var server = net.createServer(function (c) {
  var d = dnode({
    transform: function (s, cb) {
      cb(s.replace(/[aeiou]{2,}/, 'oo').toUpperCase())


  // c.pipe(d).pipe(c)



var dnode = require('dnode')
var pull = require('pull-stream')
var toPull = require('stream-to-pull-stream')
var net = require('net')

var d = dnode()

d.on('remote', function (remote) {
  remote.transform('beep', function (s) {
      console.log('beep => ' + s)

var c = net.connect(5004)


// c.pipe(d).pipe(c)


beep => BOOP

@jbizzle dug ### Semicolon-Shaped People > ... > 33/ To do deep work in the world of J
@jbizzle dug Common Form I'd like to share a project that I've been working on for a fe in #programming
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  "name": "state-copy"
@jbizzle dug Yes, I will do this. But for that specific thing, you should be able to get
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Re: %cAKmzgVD8

I remember going to the skatepark with my friend and wanting to learn how to drop-in. I'd already been skateboarding on the flat ground for a few years but had never dropped-in. I decided to commit to the movement but also purposely fall at the end. My friend asked me why I would ever want to fall. I told him it was so that I could have a rough idea of how bad it would hurt, and if wasn't too bad then I wouldn't be scared anymore. So I fell down the first time, maybe even the second time, but after that I wasn't afraid to fall anymore and it I was able to drop-in mostly consistently afterwards.

@jbizzle dug # what sparked your interest in coops and starting protozoa? I got this qu in #past
@jbizzle dug I'm starting to get excited about webassembly. It's low level. It has the s in #webassembly
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@z @Shea Butter @Dan and I working remote from the top of east rock New Haven. east-rock-nh.png

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Re: %PaQJRaAo1

I also recommend reading "Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844" from Marx. I like that he begins by questioning our presuppositions of the political economy. It's where I feel he most clearly defines the effects of estranged labor and the consequences that lead to private property. He also introduces the reader into Hegelian dialectic with a small bit of theory and a lot of performed practice.

@jbizzle dug install ssb-ebt into `~/.ssb/node_modules` and set your config: ``` "plu
@jbizzle voted ## weekend database adventures Following up on copying a flumelog, this is
@jbizzle dug ### Tech Tree [cel-ssb-tech-tree.txt](&QlNj+owC5yMkRfwFnMnAuiAk3MQD+bqSGaz in #ssbc
@jbizzle dug I wrote a cli tool a while ago for building DAG-like work structures: https in #ssbc
@jbizzle changed something in about
@jbizzle dug delete all databases: ``` i=indexedDB;i.webkitGetDatabaseNames().onsuccess in #indexeddb
@jbizzle dug # [Econophysics](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Econophysics) [Classical Ec in #economics
@jbizzle dug An interesting quirk of the new patchwork hashtags (added v3.5) is you can in #patchwork
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Re: %Pxy6wHHrt

Greetings @nichoth :wave:

I wanted to solve the problem of having to ssh into my server to see it's logs, but also have the logs be formatted with pino because I liked the aesthetic. The hyperpino repo is an unfinished sketch of that idea.

The concept in my mind was for a server to write pino formatted logs to hypercore. When the server starts it would generate a hypercore feed key like a dat hash. Then I could replicate the hypercore feed on my local machine by referencing that hash generated on the server. It would use hyperdiscovery to coordinate the p2p network between my local machine and the server.

You might want to checkout normcore as well. It does essentially the same thing but looks like its more complete!

@jbizzle dug In addition to buddhism, I've also been doing reading from ancient and mode in #stoicism
@jbizzle dug I'm currently reading *Socialism ...Seriously* by Danny Katch. Having only in #reading
@jbizzle dug https://cryptpad.fr/ Consider it an alternative of google docs maybe is to
@jbizzle dug @andrestaltz I've been slowly working on [hyperpad](https://github.com/noff
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I've been on vacation in Long Beach Island (NJ) and took a couple photos of the coast and lighthouse. It's a really peaceful stretch of nautical-themed towns surrounded by beach. The speed limit here is a strict 30-35 mph which makes walking or riding a bike on the main road pretty safe.





@jbizzle dug for those unable to watch, somebody posted the episode as a legit torrent! in #root-systems
@jbizzle voted Nice work on the video streaming project, @mycognosist! For money and fun
@jbizzle voted Where do you get energy and curiosity for code when you're running low? I
@jbizzle voted i follow my butt, i mean my gut. i do whatever i feel compelled to do. som
@jbizzle voted JAVASCRIPT - it's dirty but you can use it lots of places. Find friends to
Re: %OsJvtzq0j

It's tricky, but I think it helps to reframe how I'm looking at the tasks that are posed as "necessary for me to complete" when I start to feel that I'm stuck in a mental or emotional intersection of obligations and personal interest. When I feel a sense of mental inertia with code that I'm greatly interested in, I have what seems like a natural overflow of an abundance of energy. This energy seems to manifest from either social or intellectual factors, e.g. I'm trying to do something that I believe would be appealing or I've observed a problem and think I am within the means of solving it.

It tends to help when I step away from the code and look back at my computer as a whole. Remembering that it's only a tool and that I can use this tool to will my thoughts into existence. I find that to be a bit empowering, especially when I'm low on energy.

Weighing the benefits of depositing energy into certain things, and gauging what the social or intellectual return value could potentially be might also be a way to coordinate curiosity.

@jbizzle dug > Could we just render such links as `git-ssb:` and use the OS's protoc
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I've pulled down the most recent version of easy-ssb-pub and changed to the scuttlebot version to 10.0.5 for these pubs:


@jbizzle voted Now that I've seen what's possible on SSB it's hard to go back to other sof

Just updated to the latest scuttlebot (10.0.5) from a pre-flume version - and trying out patchfoo for the first time (with @cel's recent patch to ssb-backlinks)
I'm really liking both a lot!

Will be updating scuttlebot on pub.doge.haus and pub.tshirt.horse soon

@jbizzle dug Have been in the bay area for about a month now. I've even looked at rentin in #traveling
@jbizzle dug # New about messages for multi-device feeds I'm going to start experimenti in #scuttlebutt
@jbizzle dug # New Messages for multi-feed devices These are some messages I want to ad in #scuttlebutt
@jbizzle dug # New messages for editing existing posts With the new ssb-about plugin, i in #scuttlebutt
@jbizzle dug Spent a couple of hours yesterday implementing SIPHASH in WebAssembly, for
@jbizzle dug Yes it does! in #Dat
@jbizzle dug updated to dat v13 and can now run that [command](%VpdGzv3JnPHKHyU5Yd84Duxd in #Dat
@jbizzle dug UPDATE: I was at a party on saturday and I spoke to a digital branding expe in #solarpunk
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Greetings :wave:

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@jbizzle dug I left notes in the DAT readme ... I'll copy them here : --- ## Source in #beaker
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Yeah it's really nice :smile: awesome stuff!

@jbizzle in #beaker

I really love this idea. Hadn't thought about anything like those last two links before! I experimented with just a basic dat hash of the whole of mdn a few days ago and @mafintosh was kind enough to mirror it on one of his servers

The best luck I've had at easily browsing without needing to replicate the whole thing is using --sparse --http flags

So that could be:

ensure javascript only

dat dat://c5d64071c632d706e07e4ab0b8f39c2af80aa07605ef73bc4c130110744e49d8 --sparse --http

whole of MDN (can be up to 1.8GB, be careful if space is limited)

dat dat://099ba978537f402ca389965cbf2c8185b8f7d1d71aab9d510c5638fef01ad256 --sparse --http

and then opening the browser on localhost:8080

I think that sites being served over dat is an interesting concept and worth exploring way more

@jbizzle dug # MDNs Javascript docs on DAT You can browse it easily with [Beaker](https in #beaker
@jbizzle dug a secure-scuttlebutt/patchwork identity (keypair) should only be used from in #patchwork
@jbizzle dug # flume is merged and scuttlebot@10.0.0 is published :boom: in #scuttlebutt
@jbizzle dug okay I'm gonna merge it. in #flume
@jbizzle dug @jake yes, you could have a standalone blob server alongside the router pub in #scuttlebutt
@jbizzle dug # wishlist (personal roadmap) draft (previous wishlist: %ycm4IqQ8iJn9VZGAc in #ssbc
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Re: %lO8g1W1z6

I'm really liking this idea. I wonder if its useful to have two kinds of pubs: ones that specialize in proxying request, and others that specialize in massive amounts of blob storage.

For instance, if I have a server with large amounts of space then I might justify that it could be used as a blob pub, and it can be useful for many proxy pubs to replicate data with it so theres always a possible connection to the blobs. That would essentially split the responsibility the pubs currently hold.

Also, this could possibly increase the incentive for others to spin up there own proxy pubs since this would allow them to keep the network healthy but with less concern of going over their own disk memory limits.

@jbizzle dug ## pubs as routers i was thinking about how my pub is heading towards fill in #scuttlebutt
@jbizzle dug Oh damn, their feedback loop is hot: --- Crisp Happiness Index is more i in #cooperative